Michael Dean

Michael has over 25 years of experience in the swimming pool industry. He has built pools and natural landscapes for hundreds of homes and businesses across the country. He also holds multiple patents for pool performance products he has engineered over the years.

How to Set Up Pool Diverter Valves

Good water circulation helps keep your swimming pool healthy and clean. Pool valves are a simple piece of equipment that allows water flow control to or from a water-filled pool. Diverter valves, also called butterfly valves, can last decades, but they aren’t indestructible. Eventually, it will be necessary to fix or replace a valve. Follow …

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How to Select a Pool Diverter Valve

Does your swimming pool need a new diverter valve, and you’re worried about picking out the correct one for your particular needs? It’s normal to wonder how to select the best swimming pool diverter valve. However, it only takes a little research to figure it out. Below, I go into all the different types of …

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Guide To Your Pool Valves

Having a swimming pool during the hot summer months is a refreshing break from the heat. But, pool maintenance can be expensive, especially if you have to keep getting a technician out to your home. For those with some DIY know-how, maintaining your pool when its plumbing system acts up is a great way to …

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Biguanide Pool Treatments Guide

Anyone with a pool understands the regular maintenance that is required to keep your pool in working order. When searching for the best pool treatment options, it can be overwhelming to consider the vastly different sanitization methods and products available. The most common pool treatment is chlorine, and most people will be familiar with that …

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