Michael Dean

Michael has over 30 years of experience in the swimming pool industry. He has built pools and natural landscapes for hundreds of homes and businesses across the country. He also holds multiple patents for pool performance products he has engineered over the years.

Proper Pool Jet Positioning (Yes, There’s a Right Way)
How to Use Conditioner in Your Pool
How to Understand ORP Measurements For Chlorine in Swimming Pools
Pool Ozone System Cost Analysis
12 Ways to Destroy Your Pool Pump (& How to Avoid Them)
How to Make Your Above Ground Pool Look a Lot Nicer
30 Above Ground Pool Design Ideas
Is It Hard to Maintain a Pool? DIY or Go With a Pro?
How to Stop Groundwater Seepage Into Your Pool
Types of Pool Plugs and What Each One Does
What to Do About Red Algae in Your Pool
How to Pressure Test Pool Lines
What Is a Booster Pump for a Pool?
How to Replace a Spider Gasket In 8 Easy Steps
Can You Heat a Natural Swimming Pool?
What Is Swimming Pool Antifreeze? Should You Use It?
How to Protect Your Pool From Freezing Temperatures
Bad Pool Chemical Combinations
What You Should Know About Pool Remodeling
How to Make Sense of ADA Standards for Swimming Pools
What Is Travertine? Pros and Cons of Using It Around Your Pool
What Are Pool Filter Balls? Do They Really Work?
How to Use Aluminum Sulfate in Your Pool
How to Remove and Prevent Metal Stains In Your Pool
Will Stabilizer Damage a Vinyl Pool Liner?
How Much Do Pool Chillers Cost?
What Are Pool Chillers?
How to Treat Your Pool Water for the First Time
What Is a Normal Pool Filter Pressure Range?
Resin vs. Steel Above Ground Pools: Which Is Better?
How to Unclog a Pool Skimmer Line
How to Test a Pool Pump Capacitor
How to Prepare Your Pool Before Your Vacation (From a Weekend Away to a Whole Month!)
How Long Can You Leave a Pool Empty?
Signs There Is Too Much Chlorine in Your Pool
Should You Run Your Pool Pump When It Rains?
How to Clean a Small Pool Without a Filter
How Often Should You Add Chlorine to Your Pool?
Can You Put Chlorine Tablets or Granules Into Your Pump Basket or Skimmer?
How to Get Rid of Mosquito Larvae in Your Pool
Why Your Pool Pump Is Surging or Pulsing and How to Fix It
How to Fix Your Pool Pump Repeatedly Tripping Your Circuit Breaker
Does Muriatic Acid Kill Algae In Your Pool? 
How to Fix a Humming Pool Pump Motor
How to Fix a Frozen Pool Pump
How to Fix Air in Your Pool Pump
Should You Use the Magic Eraser “Hack” to Clean Your Pool?
How to Get Rid of White Flakes in Your Saltwater Pool
How to Clear Up a Cloudy Salt Water Pool
How to Clean a Pool Salt Cell
How Often Should You Clean Your Salt Cell?
Do You Put Chlorine in a Saltwater Pool?
What Is a Chlorine Neutralizer? How to “Neutralize” Chlorine In Your Pool
Dry Acid vs. Muriatic Acid: What’s The Difference?
What Is a Pool Skimmer Sock?
How to Safely Dispose of Muriatic Acid
How to Neutralize a Muriatic Acid Spill
How to Properly Dispose of Chlorine
Pool Renovation Ideas For All Budgets & Styles
pH vs. Total Alkalinity and Their Relationship in Your Pool
Should You Use Sulfuric Acid to Treat Your Pool?
How to Winterize Your Pool Pump and Filter
How to Winterize a Pool Heater
Why Is Pool Chlorine So Expensive Right Now?
What Is Dry Acid and How Do You Use It In Your Pool?
Should You Fill Your Pool With Well Water?
How to Get Rid of Dead Algae In Your Pool
How Deep Should Your Pool Be?
When Should You Close Your Pool? Suggested Times by State/Climate
Pool Water Colors: What They Mean & How They Are Affected
How Much Does It Cost to Close a Pool?
How to Get Dirt Out of Your Pool
Average Pool Inspection Cost
Pool Permit Cost Breakdown
Can You Leave an Intex Pool Up All Winter?
How to Store Your Above Ground Pool for the Winter
Do You Need a Permit to Remove a Pool?
Do You Need a Permit to Drain Your Pool?
What Happens If You Build a Pool Without a Permit?
Do You Need a Permit for an Above Ground Pool?
How to Properly Remove an Inground Pool
How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Above Ground Pool?
How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Pool?
Swimming Pool Is Overflowing: Causes and How to Fix
Fiberglass Pool Maintenance: How to Care For a Fiberglass Pool
How Long Do Fiberglass Pools Last?
How to Use Sodium Thiosulfate in Your Pool
Can You Convert Your Outdoor Pool to Indoor?
How to Clean and Remove Stains From a Vinyl Pool Liner
Indoor Pools vs. Outdoor Pools: What Are The Pros and Cons of Each?
Indoor Pool Maintenance: Is It Any Different?
How to Properly Ventilate an Indoor Pool
How Often You Should Clean Your Pool Pump Basket
How to Fix a Pool Pump With No Flow
How to Clean a Pool Pump
How Do Pool UV Systems Work?
Ozone Pool vs. Saltwater Pool: Which One Is Right For You?
Can You Mix Chlorine Types?
How to Switch From Baquacil to Chlorine
What is an AOP Pool System? How They Work, Pros/Cons & More
Biguanide (Baquacil) vs. Chlorine: What’s Right For Your Pool?
Mineral Pool System vs. Traditional Chlorine Pool: How Are They Different?
How to Lower Bromine in a Pool
Mineral Pool System vs. Saltwater: Which Is Better?
Calcium Hypochlorite vs. Sodium Hypochlorite: What’s the Difference? (& Which To Use)
Does Calcium Hypochlorite Raise or Lower pH?
Calcium Hypochlorite vs. Trichlor: Which One Should You Use?
Calcium Hypochlorite vs. Dichlor Comparison & Which One You Should Use
What To Do When You Put Too Much Phosphate Remover In Your Pool
Dichlor vs. Trichlor: What’s The Difference?
How to Test For Phosphates In Your Pool Water
How to Get Iron Out of Pool Water
Will Baking Soda Clear a Green Pool?
Can You Clear a Green Pool With Bleach?
Will Baking Soda Raise pH In Your Pool?
How Much Bleach Should You Use In Your Pool?
How Long After Adding Bleach To Your Pool Can You Swim?
Can You Put Bleach In A Pool?
Should You Use Liquid Chlorine In Your Pool?
Pool House Cost Breakdown
How Much Do Multiport Valves Cost to Replace?
Pool Flow Meter Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It
How to Install a Pool Flow Meter
How Close Can a Pool Be To a House? Understanding Setback Requirements
Pool Coping Cost Analysis: New Installs and Replacement
Cracked or Shifted Pool Coping: Causes and What To Do
How to Install Pool Coping
Appropriate Thickness and Sizes for Pool Coping
What’s the Best Sealant For Pool Coping?
Shipping Container Pool Cost Breakdown
Shipping Container Pools: Should You Build One?
How to Clean Pool Coping the Right Way
How Long Does a Salt Chlorine Generator Take to Make Chlorine?
Here’s Why Your Salt Chlorine Generator Isn’t Producing Enough Chlorine (And How to Fix It)
How to Increase Calcium Hardness In a Pool 
How to Lower Calcium Hardness In Your Pool
How To Test Calcium Hardness In Your Pool
How to Open a Salt Water Pool
When Should You Open Your Pool? Suggested Times by State/Climate
How Much Does It Cost to Open a Pool? 
How Much Shock Do You Need to Open a Pool?
How To Open an Above Ground Pool
How to Use Cyanuric Acid in Your Saltwater Pool
What To Do If You Add Too Much Muriatic Acid To Your Pool
How to Test the Cyanuric Acid Levels In Your Pool
How to Clean Pool Tile with Muriatic Acid
How Long Do You Have to Wait to Swim After Adding Muriatic Acid to Your Pool?
Does Phosphate Remover Make a Pool Cloudy?
Did Your Pool Turn Green After It Rained? Here’s How to Fix It
Will Bleach Clear Up a Cloudy Pool?
Is It Safe to Swim in a Cloudy Pool?
How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water After a Rainstorm
How to Raise Cyanuric Acid Levels In Your Pool
How to Lower Cyanuric Acid Levels In Your Pool
Pool Water Cloudy After Shocking? Here’s What To Do
How To Shock a Saltwater Pool
Can You Over Shock a Pool?
Pool Plumbing Diagram and Explanation
Pool Equipment Enclosure Ideas
Reasons Why Your Pool Is Still Green After Shocking (And How to Fix It)
Rooftop Pools: Design Ideas, Inspiration & Considerations
How Long Should You Wait to Swim After Shocking Your Pool?
Beach Entry Pools Design Ideas, Inspiration & Considerations
Can You Shock Your Pool After Adding Baking Soda?
How Often Should You Shock Your Pool?
What Happens If You Shock Your Pool Without the Pump Running?
Lagoon Pool Design Ideas, Inspiration & Considerations
Do Pool Chemicals and Shock Expire?
Pool Shock vs. Chlorine – Is There a Difference?
Pool Houses Design Ideas, Inspiration & Considerations
Types of Chlorine You Can Use In Your Pool
What’s the Right Order to Add Pool Chemicals?
Everything You Should Know About Total Dynamic Head
How Much Do Automatic Pool Covers Cost?
How To Clean Pool Tile
The Essential New Pool Start Up Process
Common Problems with New Pool Plaster
How to Spot and Fix Bad Pool Plaster Jobs
How to Treat and Prevent Pool Plaster Dust
What To Do If Your New Pool Plaster Has Streaks
What To Do If Your Pool Plaster Is Chipping Off
What Is Pool Plaster Mottling? And How To Fix It
How Soon Can You Heat Your Pool After Plastering?
Pool Plaster Delamination: What It Is and How to Address It
How To Repair Pool Plaster Underwater
How Long Can Pool Plaster Be Exposed?
Pool Saturation Index Calculator
Pool Stabilizer Calculator: How Much to Add?
How to Fix Pool Plaster Etching
Pool pH Calculator: How To Get Your pH Level In Range
Pool Chlorine Calculator: How Much Chlorine Do You Need to Add?
How Soon Can You Fill Your Pool After Plastering It?
How Soon Can You Swim After Plastering Your Pool?
Pool Borate Calculator: How Much Borax Do You Need?
Calcium Hardness Calculator: How Much Calcium Chloride to Add (or Water to Replace)
Can You Replaster a Pool Over Existing Plaster?
Acid Washing Pool Plaster: Critical Part of the Installation Process
Pool Shock Calculator: How Much Shock Do You Need?
Every Step In the Pool Plaster Process
How to Prep a Pool for a New Plaster Job
How Thick Is Pool Plaster?
What is Pool Plastering?
Pool Plaster Color Choices: What Are Your Options?
Types of Pool Plaster Finishes and the Pros and Cons of Each
What Happens If You Don’t Brush New Pool Plaster?
What Is a Pool Alarm and Can It Help?
How to Connect a Pool Backwash Hose
Should You Brush or Vacuum Your Pool First?
Swimming Pool Statistics: 101+ Important Facts and Trends
How to Brush a Pool
How Often Should You Brush Your Pool?
Can You Run a Pool Pump With Your Solar Cover On?
Pool Timer Cost Breakdown
How to Replace Your Pool Timer
Are Pool Test Strips Accurate?
How Many Swimming Pools Are In the U.S.?
Different Types of Pool Timers and How to Find the Right One For You
Pool Pump Timer Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It
How to Install a Pool Pump Timer (With Wiring Diagram)
How to Set a Pool Timer
Pool Test Kit Instructions PDFs
How to Test Your Pool Water Without a Kit
How to Read Pool Test Strips
How Long Do Pool Test Strips Last?
How to Use a Pool Cover Winch
How to Cover Freeform and Kidney Shaped Pools
How to Install Any Type of Pool Cover
How to Clean a Pool Cover
How to Keep a Pool Cover From Blowing Off
How to Store a Pool Cover
When To Leave Your Pool Cover On: Should You Leave It On or Off During the Day?
The Proper Way To Remove a Pool Cover
How Do Solar Pool Heaters Work? Breaking Down the Mechanics
Should You Cover Your Pool In The Summer?
How to Get Water Off Your Pool Cover
Solar Pool Heater Cost Breakdown
Types of Pool Covers & Major Differences Between Them
Solar Pool Heater Plumbing Diagram
How to Install a Solar Pool Heater
Pool Pump Cover Design Ideas
How Effective Are Solar Pool Heaters?
Solar Pool Cover Bubbles: Up or Down?
How To Keep Your Pool Cover From Sagging
How to Build a DIY Pool Cover
Pool Cover Cost Breakdown
Automatic Pool Cleaner Cost Breakdown: Are They Worth It?
Automatic Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting: How to Solve Common Problems
How Automatic Pool Cleaners Work: Breaking It Down
How Long Do Automatic Pool Cleaners Last?
Pool Skimmer Troubleshooting: Common Problems and How to Fix Them
How To Install a New Pool Skimmer
How to Increase the Suction Of Your Pool Skimmer
How Many Skimmers Does a Pool Need?
What Is a Pool Skimmer And How Does It Work?
How Long Do Pool Heaters Last?
Can You Add a Heater to an Existing Pool?
How Does a Pool Heater Work?
How to Heat a Pool: Your Options
How to Troubleshoot Every Type of Pool Filter & Problem
Gas vs. Electric Pool Heater: Which Should You Choose?
Cartridge Pool Filter Troubleshooting and Maintenance
How to Use a Solar Pool Cover
How to Clean a Solar Pool Cover
How Fast Does a Solar Cover Heat a Pool?
How Effective Are Solar Pool Covers?
DE Pool Filter Troubleshooting and Maintenance
Sand Pool Filter Troubleshooting and Maintenance
Most Popular Swimming Pool Shapes
Sand Filter Calculator: How Much Sand Do You Need?
Why Is My Pool Filter Blowing Out Sand?
What Should You Do With Old Pool Filter Sand?
How Often Should You Change Sand In Your Pool Filter?
How to Clean a Cartridge Filter
How to Take Down an Above Ground Pool
How to Vacuum a Pool (Above Ground & Inground)
How to Select the Right Above Ground Pool Size and Location
How to Clean an Above Ground Pool After Draining
How to Install an Above Ground Pool
How To Drain An Above Ground Pool
How to Heat an Above Ground Pool
How Long Does an Above Ground Pool Last?
How To Find a Leak in an Above Ground Pool
What to Put Under an Above Ground Pool
How to Install a Salt Chlorine Generator
What Happens If There Is Too Much Salt In Your Pool?
Common Salt Chlorine Generator Problems (And How to Fix Them)
Can You Heat a Saltwater Pool?
How to Winterize a Saltwater Pool
How to Empty a Pool Skimmer Basket
DE Filter Pressure Rising Too Fast? Here’s How to Fix It
How to Replace DE Filter Grids
Testing Strips vs. Liquid Drop Tests
What is a Pool Skimmer Diverter?
Sand vs. DE vs. Cartridge Filters: What’s the Difference?
How to Clean and Backwash a DE Filter
Garden Pool Design Ideas, Options, & Considerations
Freeform Pool Design Ideas, Inspiration & Considerations
Infinity Pool Design Ideas, Types, & Considerations
Pool Supplies You Definitely Need
Pool Water Delivery – How To Get Water into Your Pool
Winter Pool Maintenance Routine For the Off-Season
What Size Pool Pillow Do You Need?
How To Remove Snow From a Pool Cover
How to Protect Your Pool Cover During Winter
Pool DE Filters 101: How They Work, Pros & Cons, Best Options, & Your Questions Answered
Pool Cartridge Filters 101: How They Work, Pros & Cons, & Your Questions Answered
Pool Sand Filters 101: How They Work, Pros & Cons, & Your Questions Answered
Mineral Pool Systems: Here’s Everything You Need to Know
Swimming Pool Flow Meters 101: Types, How to Install, Why You Should Use One, and More
How Much Water Do You Actually Lose in Your Pool From Evaporation?
Total Dissolved Solids in Swimming Pools
Pool Aerators 101: Can They Help Your Pool?
How to SLAM a Pool
How to Add Calcium Chloride to Your Pool
Using Baking Soda vs. Soda Ash in Your Pool
How To Use Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate) in Your Pool
Everything You Should Know About Liquid Solar Covers
How to Use Baking Soda in Your Pool
Everything You Need to Know About Total Alkalinity In Your Pool
Non-Chlorine Shock: Should You Use It in Your Pool?
What Is a Pool Ionizer?
What Are Bromine Tablets? Here’s How to Use Them
How to Lower pH Level in Your Pool Safely
What Is Pool Stabilizer?
How to Keep Leaves Out of Your Pool
How to Remove Pollen From Your Pool Water
How to Get Rid of Worms In Your Pool (And Keep Them Out)
How to Keep Wasps and Bees Away from a Pool
How to Remove Calcium Scale Deposits from Your Pool Wall
How to Use a Pool Valve Actuator
How to Select the Right Pool Check Valve
How to Set Up Pool Diverter Valves
How to Select a Pool Diverter Valve
Pool Valves Explained: Types, Diagrams, and Common Questions
How to Properly Store Your Pool Chemicals
Biguanide Pool Treatments: How They Work
What To Do if Your Swimming Pool Has Nitrates
How To Use Sodium Bisulfate In Your Pool & Everything You Should Know About It
How To Use Sodium Hypochlorite In Your Pool & Everything Else You Should Know
How To Use Borax In Your Pool: Steps, When To Do It, How Much To Use & Everything Else
How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Vinyl Pool Liner
How to Level the Ground For Your Pool
Stamped vs. Brushed Concrete Around Your Pool: How to Decide
What Is a Semi Inground Pool?
Average Swimming Pool Sizes and How to Choose The Right Size For You
Types of Pool Enclosures: Which Should You Get?
Common Pool Pump Issues and How To Fix Them
How To Replace Your Pool Pump Shaft Seal
How To Replace a Pool Pump Impeller
How to Remove Stubborn Pool Pump Impellers
How To Clean Out a Pool Pump Impeller
Pool Pump Too Loud? Here’s How to Fix It
Causes of a Leaking Pool Pump and How to Fix It
How to Replace Your Pool Pump Motor
Should You Replace Your Pool Pump Motor or the Whole Pump?
How Long Should You Run Your Pool Pump For?
How Much DE to Add To Your Filter
Signs You Need to Replace Your Filter Cartridge
What Is a Spider Gasket?
How To Maintain and Repair Your Multiport Valve
How To Replace a Lateral in a Pool Sand Filter
When to Replace Your Pool Filter O-Ring
How to Lower The Chlorine Level in Your Pool
Bromine vs. Chlorine: What’s Best for Your Pool
How To Replace Your Pool Return Jets
Pool Jets Not Working? Here’s How to Troubleshoot Them
Pool Landscaping Design Ideas, Inspiration & Considerations
How To Use Dichlor Chlorine In Your Pool & Everything You Should Know About It
Trichlor Chlorine: Should You Use It for Your Pool?
Zinc Anodes For Swimming Pools
What Is an Ozone Pool? How They Work, Pros/Cons, Cost, & More
Pool Lighting Design Ideas, Inspiration, & Considerations
Basics of Pool Water Saturation Index
How to Reduce High Pressure in Your Pool Pump System
Monthly Electrical Costs to Run a Swimming Pool
Pool Popping Out of the Ground? Here’s What To Do
Pool Light Troubleshooting
How to Caulk Your Inground Swimming Pool
Best Pool Skimmer Basket
Best Pool Brushes
Best Pool Closing Kits
How to Easily Find & Replace a Skimmer Weir
Pool Privacy Design Ideas, Inspiration, & Considerations
Swimming Pool Codes and Regulations Guide
How to Find and Replace a Skimmer Basket
How to Tell if Your Salt Cell Needs Replacing
How To Test The Salt Level Of A Pool
Pool Fence Design Ideas, Options, & Considerations
Guide to Pool Permits for Homeowners
Inground Pool Warranties: What You Need to Know
Pool Planning Guide: What To Consider Before Installing an Inground Pool
The Entire Swimming Pool Construction Process & What You Should Know
Pool Deck Design: Ideas, Inspiration, & Considerations
Pool Excavation: The Process & Questions You Should Ask Your Pool Builder
What You Should Do To Your Pool After It Rains
How to Get Rid of White Water Mold and Pink Slime in Your Pool
How to Remove Algae from a Salt Water Pool
How to Clean a Swimming Pool the Right Way
Swimming Pool Loans 101
Pool Tile Design Ideas, Types, and Pros & Cons of Each
How to Finance a Swimming Pool
Stock Tank Pool Design Ideas, Inspiration, & Considerations
How to Keep the Mosquitoes Away From Your Swimming Pool
Why You Have Air Bubbles In Your Pool
How to Set Up an Automated Pool Chemical System
How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool
How to Keep Ducks Out of Your Pool (& What Not To Do)
How to Get Sand Out of Your Pool (& Why It’s There)
Pool Foaming? How to Get Rid of Pool Foam
Liquid Chlorine vs. Chlorine Granules
How to Solve Chlorine Lock and Chlorine Demand
What’s the Difference Between Stabilized and Unstabilized Chlorine?
How To Raise Your Pool’s Alkalinity
Basics of Automatic Pool Chlorinators: How They Work, Pros, Cons, Types & More
Using Household Products to Clean Your Pool
20 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes
How to Remove Pool Stains of Every Type (& Prevent Them From Coming Back)
The Importance of Swimming Pool Circulation
Swimming Pool Anatomy: What Are All the Parts of a Pool?
Automatic Pool Covers 101: How They Work, Pros/Cons & More
How to Change a Pool Light Bulb
How to Use a Pool Pillow For Winter Pool Protection
How to Troubleshoot a Pool Heater
The Best Pool Backwash Hoses
Best Pool Shock
How to Patch Any Pool Liner
How to Replace Your Pool Liner (And When to Do It)
How to Repair Plaster in a Pool
Best Pool Thermometers
The 6 Best Solar Pool Heaters (+ a Bonus Option)
The 6 Best Pool Timers
Best Pool Alarms
How To Find a Leak In Your Pool
What Is the Perfect Pool Temperature?
Pool Spillovers Design Ideas, Inspiration & Considerations
How to Acid Wash a Pool For a Deep Clean
Pool Resurfacing Cost Breakdown
Pool Heater Cost Breakdown
Swimming Pool Automation Systems 101: What Are Your Options?
Pool Safety: The Essentials
Pool Inspection Checklist
Pool Bubblers Design Ideas, Inspiration & Considerations
How to Kill Black Algae in Your Pool
Total and Free Chlorine: What’s the Difference?
Understanding Phosphates in Your Pool Water and When to Use a Phosphate Remover
How to Balance and Maintain the Calcium Hardness Level in Your Pool
How to Get Rid of Mustard Algae in Your Pool
Calcium Hypochlorite: What Is It and How it is Used
Pool Scuppers Design Ideas, Types, & Considerations
A Guide to Using Algaecide in Your Pool
Pool Clarifier vs. Flocculant
How to Shock a Swimming Pool
Vinyl Liner Pool Cost Breakdown
Vinyl Liner Pools 101
Fiberglass Pool Cost Breakdown
Fiberglass Pools 101: Pros, Cons & What You Should Know
How to Prime a Pool Pump
Understanding Your Pool Filter Pressure Gauge
How to Use the Multiport Valve on Your Pool Filter
How to Clean Your Pool Filter: Sand, Cartridge & D.E. Filters
How to Backwash a Pool Filter
How to Change Pool Filter Sand
Is a Chemical Free Pool Possible?
Pool Deck Jets Design Ideas, Inspiration, & Considerations
Natural Pool Cost Breakdown
Plunge Pool Cost Breakdown
Above Ground Pool Cost Breakdown
Indoor Pool Cost Breakdown
Salt Water Pool Cost Breakdown
Breaking Down the Cost of an Inground Pool
Pool Water (Infinity) Walls Design Ideas, Options, & Considerations
Natural Swimming Pools 101
Saltwater vs. Traditional Chlorine Pool Showdown: Which Is Better?
How Long Does It Take To Build a Swimming Pool?
Pool Alkalinity Calculator: What to Add & How Much
Pool Salt Calculator: How Much Salt Do You Need to Add?
Pool Fountains Design Ideas, Inspiration, & Considerations
Pool Waterfalls Design Ideas, Inspiration, & Considerations
How to Test Your Pool Water
How To Raise pH Levels In Your Pool
Salt Chlorine Generators: How They Work, Cost, Maintenance, and More Questions Answered
How to Get Rid of Water Bugs in a Pool
What Is Cyanuric Acid? Why It’s Important, Ideal Levels, How to Add It To Your Pool, and Much More
How to Clear a Green Pool
How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water
Using Muriatic Acid In Your Pool: How to Lower Alkalinity, pH, and More Questions Answered
The Best Pool Testing Kits
The Best Chlorine Tablets For Your Pool
50+ Pool Design Ideas, Sorted By Concept
The Best Solar Pool Covers
Best Pool Cover Pumps
Natural Swimming Pool Design Ideas
Pool Coping Types, Design Ideas, and Common Questions Answered
How to Open an Inground Pool
Salt Water Pool Conversion Guide
Pool Salt – What It Is And The Types of Salt You Should Use
Gunite vs. Shotcrete In The Concrete Pool Construction Process
Considerations When Building an Indoor Swimming Pool
Questions to Ask When Hiring a Pool Construction Company
Types of Swimming Pool Water Features
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