Research and advice on all the equipment you need to keep your pool running well and your family and friends having fun.

Suction Side Equipment

The 5 Best Pool Skimmers For Every Type of Pool

If you want a quick answer, it's hard to beat the Hayward Dyna-Skim for above ground pools. I have more details on that product and others for above ground and inground pools below. ...

Cleaning Supplies

Pool Supplies You Definitely Need

Maintaining a swimming pool isn’t as challenging as it sounds when you first get one, but you need a few supplies to keep your pool in the best condition. Here are the essential ...


Pool Valves Explained: Types, Diagrams, and Common Questions

Pool valves are an important part of learning your pool plumbing system and water circulation. You need to understand all the types of valves in your pool and how to use each one ...

Salt Water Systems

Salt Chlorine Generators: How They Work, Cost, Maintenance, and More Questions Answered

Saltwater pools are attractive for their low-maintenance style. While the cost of equipment is a more substantial upfront investment, the cost of maintenance over time makes them a lot more friendly on the ...
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