How Much Do Multiport Valves Cost to Replace?

Written by Michael Dean
May 11, 2023

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A multiport valve is an essential component of a swimming pool or spa filtration system, allowing for various functions such as filtering, backwashing, and rinsing. Unfortunately, these valves can become worn, leaky, or clogged over time, leading to reduced performance and potential damage to the system. The cost of replacing a multiport valve can vary depending on several factors.

In this article, I will explore the average cost for multiport valve replacement, including the factors that come into play, signs that your MPV needs replacing, and the costs of popular MPVs.

Main Takeaways

  • A multiport valve is used to control the flow of water in and out of the filter, backwashing, rinsing, recirculating, and draining.
  • Factors that affect multiport valves are brand, make, manufacture, pool size, materials used, features, functions, and labor charges.
  • Signs that your MPV might need replacing include leaks, consistent operation failure, pressure fluctuation, cloudy or poorly filtered water, etc.

Average Pool Multiport Valve Replacement Cost

On average, replacing a multiport valve will cost anywhere between $150 to $500. However, the actual cost can vary widely depending on several factors (more on this below).

A multiport valve, or an MPV, is a critical component in a pool’s filtration system. It controls the flow of water in and out of the filter and other functions such as backwashing, rinsing, recirculating, and closing off the flow completely. A multiport valve typically has multiple ports or outlets which allow the water to be directed to different paths depending on the valve’s position.

Multiport valves are repair-friendly and are built to last. In fact, as long as the major internal parts of the valve are fine, your MPV should last around 10 years, as long as you replace smaller components, such as worn-out o-rings or damaged gaskets, as needed.

Factors That May Affect Pool Multiport Valve Cost

Here are the factors that may affect the total cost of replacing your multiport valve. Depending on the below factors, the cost to replace your MPV may be lower or higher than the average.

Type of Multiport Valve

The make and brand of the multiport valve can significantly impact the cost. Basic multiport valves from unknown companies are generally more affordable, while premium multiport valves from well-known manufacturers may cost more.

Size of Your Pool

The size of the multiport valve and its compatibility with your existing pool plumbing system can affect the cost. Some multiport valves are designed for specific filters or plumbing configurations, and if you need a valve that matches your existing setup, it may cost more.

Material and Durability

Multiport valves can be made of different materials, such as PVC, ABS, or stainless steel, with varying levels of durability and resistance to chemicals and wear. Of course, higher-quality materials and more durable builds will cost you more.

Features and Functions

Multiport valves can come with different features and functions, such as handles with superior grip for easy operation, pressure gauges, sight glasses, or additional ports for auxiliary equipment. These can affect the cost of the MPV.

Labor and Installation Charges

Cost can vary depending on the local labor rates, the pool technician’s quote, and the complexity of the installation, all of which will bump up the budget for the replacement or installation of the MPV.

Additional Parts and Fittings

Depending on your specific pool plumbing setup and the condition of existing fittings, you may need additional parts or fittings, such as PVC pipes, unions, or gaskets, which can add to the overall cost in terms of materials needed as well as labor.

Signs That Your Multiport Valve Needs To Be Replaced

There are several signs to watch out for that may indicate that your pool multiport valve needs to be replaced.


Leaks are always a dead giveaway that something is wrong. For example, if you notice water leaking from the multiport valve when it is in use, it could be that the valve’s seals or gaskets are worn out or damaged. Cracks also often occur due to severe weather damage, like extreme heat or cold. It’s usually possible to replace a faulty gasket or o-ring without buying a completely new unit, but sometimes, the damage could be greater than that, and the entire valve may need to be replaced.

Difficulty in Operation

If you’re struggling to turn the multiport valve handle or if it gets stuck in certain positions, it could indicate that the valve’s internal components are damaged, corroded, or rusted. If it’s completely inoperable, you’ll have to get a new unit. However, some models may have a replacement handle, which would be much cheaper to buy if the stuck handle is the only issue.

Poor Water Circulation

Reduced water flow or poor water circulation in your pool can have several causes, and one of them could be a malfunctioning MPV that may not be properly diverting water to the desired ports. If this is the case, the pool could face inadequate filtration, which puts it at risk for an algae breakout. Unless the valve is repairable, you must replace your MPV as soon as possible.

Pressure Fluctuation

If you notice irregular or fluctuating pressure readings on your pool or spa filter gauge, it could be a sign that the multiport valve is not working as intended—the internal mechanisms of the valve could be damaged and may need replacement.

Pool Water Quality Issues

If you’re frequently running into problems such as cloudy water, algae growth, or excessive debris in the pool or spa, the multiport valve may not be functioning correctly. Replacement may be necessary here too.

Consistent Failure

If your multiport valve has been repaired multiple times and continues to exhibit issues, it may indicate it’s time for a replacement.

Strange Noises

If you hear unusual sounds coming from your pool or spa equipment, such as whistling or gurgling, it could be a sign that the multiport valve is malfunctioning.

Old Age

Like any other pool equipment, multiport valves have a lifespan and can wear out over time. If your multiport valve has been in use for around 10 years, it may be nearing the end of its lifespan and would need to be retired and replaced.

Cost Of Popular Multiport Valves

So now that you’ve determined that you need to replace your multiport valve, which one should you get? Here is a general overview of some of the most popular multiport valves if you’re browsing for a replacement model.

Hayward Multiport Valves

Hayward is a premium, extremely well-known brand in the pool industry, and they offer a range of multiport valves for pool filters, including:

  • Hayward SP0715XR50 – $215 – 2-inch MPV for DE filters
  • Hayward SP0714T – $140 – 1 ½-inch MPV for sand filters
  • Hayward SPX0710X32 – $213 – MPV for Hayward S200 and S240 series sand filters

Pentair Multiport Valves

Pentair is another popular brand that offers multiport valves for their pool filters. Popular MPVs by Pentair include:

  • Pentair 270067 – $140 – 2-inch top-mount MPV for sand filters
  • Pentair 261055 – $238 – 2-inch MPV for Pentair Triton II and Quad DE pool filters
  • Pentair 261152 – $221 – 2-inch MPV for Pentair FNS, FNS Plus, Nautilus Plus pool and spa DE filters
  • Pentair 262506 – $160 – 1 ½-inch top-mount MPV for sand filters

Zodiac Multiport Valves

Zodiac also offers a range of multiport valves for their pool and spa filtration systems, such as:

  • Zodiac A0553645 – $272 – 2-inch MPV for DE pool and spa models DEL48 and DEL60
  • Zodiac BWVL-MPV – $400 – Side-mount MPV for Zodiac Jandy DE and sand filter models DEV48, DEV60, JS60-SM, and JS100-SM

Praher Multiport Valves

Praher multiport valves are known for their durability and resistance to chemical corrosion, making them a popular choice among pool and spa owners. Popular Praher multiport valves models include:

  • Praher SM-20-3 – $117 – 2-inch side-mount MPV for sand filters
  • Praher TM-12-L – $108 – 1 ½-inch top-mount MPV for sand filters

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