How to Store a Pool Cover

Written by Michael Dean
June 9, 2023

storing a pool cover

You can drastically shorten the lifespan of your pool cover by failing to look after it properly. Part of maintaining your pool cover is properly storing it when you won’t be using it for a while. As pool covers do a lot of the grunt work of protecting your pool water from unwanted debris, insects, and other elements, it only seems fair that you give your pool cover the same level of care it deserves.

If you are wondering how to properly store a pool cover, you’re in luck. In this article, I will go over everything related to storing your pool cover, including how to fold it, where to store it, and, of course, how to store it.

Main Takeaways

  • Storing your pool cover safely is a simple process, but don’t miss any of the steps as this can cause damage and mold growth on your cover.
  • To properly fold your cover, use a fan fold and then roll it up like a sleeping bag.
  • Store your pool cover off the ground or in an airtight container, in a dry and shaded area.
  • You should deep clean your pool cover to prolong its life.

Step By Step Guide: How to Safely Store Your Pool Cover

Storing a pool cover is a simple enough process; there are just a few straightforward steps to follow. But make sure to follow each of these below steps as missing a single step may cause damage to your cover.

Step one: Remove the Debris

Start off by removing your pool cover and all debris from the top of the pool cover. If the cover is dry, use a broom to sweep everything off. If your cover is wet from the rain, use a broom and a hose to move everything off the cover, so you can start to properly clean the cover.

Step two: Clean the Cover

Hose down both sides of the cover to clean off any extra residue and chemicals. Make sure to spot clean as well. Check for any stains and if there are any use a mild soap and water mixture to clean them off with a rag. To learn more about how to keep it clean, check out my article on cleaning your pool cover.

Step three: Let It Dry

I cannot stress the importance of letting your pool cover dry before storage. Let the cover dry in the sun before putting it away. You can do this by either removing the entire cover from the pool and placing it in a sunny area. Or you can dry each area bit by bit by slowly folding over the cover section by section over the pool.

Step four: Fold the Cover

Properly fold your pool cover before storage. Use a fan fold to fold it over and then roll it up. More detailed instructions are below if needed.

Step five: Place It In a Bag

Most pool covers will come with a storage bag. Fold it and roll the dried cover into the bag as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step six: Hang It Off the Ground

Insects and rodents are known to use pool covers as a temporary cozy home while they are in storage. In order to avoid having your cover destroyed by these pests, hang your pool cover off of the ground in a hard-to-reach place. If you aren’t able to hang it off the ground, putting your pool cover in an airtight plastic container can help too.

How to Fold a Pool Cover For Storing

There are slight variations in how to fold a pool cover for storage, but most will follow the same general steps. Ideally, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your pool cover. If you’ve lost them, don’t worry, it’s an easy process that anyone can do. However, if you have a larger pool cover, you may want to ask a friend or family member for an extra pair of hands for this step!

Proper folding of a pool cover is like folding a fan and then rolling it up like a sleeping bag. To do this, first, have the pool cover on a flat surface. Fold one end (about a 3-foot section) over so that it is lying on top of the cover. Then, pinch the two corners of the cover where the two layers overlap and fold another section underneath – like you would fold a fan. Keep folding until you have no more layers to fold.

At this point, you should have a fan or accordion-folded rectangular pool cover. Tightly roll this length-wise like a sleeping bag.

Finally, stuff the pool cover into its storage bag. If you don’t have one, tie a rope around it and then pop it in a plastic storage bin.

Where Should You Store Your Pool Cover?

If you are putting your pool cover away for the summer, it is important that you store your pool cover in the correct location. To prolong the life of your pool cover, make sure to keep it in a shaded area, as prolonged exposure to the sun will weaken the cover over time. Most pool owners choose to store their pool covers in their shed as this is a covered and dry area that is perfect for all kinds of storage.

But keep in mind that if you store your cover in a shed, you are risking exposure to insects and rodents that love to burrow in pool covers. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that you either hang your cover off the ground or you seal it in an airtight container. A plastic container or a large trash can will help protect your pool cover from pests that may call your cover their home.

Why Should You Deep Clean Your Pool Cover?

You should already be taking care of your pool cover daily by removing debris and any collected water off the top, but you should also deep clean your pool cover every few months. This is particularly important before storage. For an easier way to constantly clean your pool cover, check out my article on the best pool cover pumps.

Pool covers are exposed to a lot of elements that will damage the material over time. Sun exposure, pool chemicals, and other environmental elements will cause your cover to weaken. Deep cleaning the cover is one of the best things you can do to make sure your pool cover lasts longer to get your money’s worth.

Cleaning your pool cover will also ensure that you have a more aesthetically pleasing cover. No one wants to cover their beautiful pool with a stain-filled pool cover! If you do end up needing a brand new pool cover, feel free to check out my top picks for pool covers.

Thankfully, deep cleaning a pool cover is not a complicated process and can easily be done with a hose, mild soap, and a soft brush or rag.

Need Some Maintenance Help?

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Bottom Line

Pool covers are an important investment for any pool owner. If you need help choosing the right cover for your budget, check out my pool cover cost breakdown for more. Pool covers do a great job of protecting your pool from the elements. If you are looking to store the pool cover away for the summer, ensure proper storage so that your pool cover will last longer to protect your pool next season too! If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of folding and storing, feel free to check out my article on how to safely secure your pool cover!

Do you have more questions? Just let me know, I’m always happy to help.

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