Best Pool Alarms

A pool alarm is an invaluable device. These alarms make a loud noise when someone or something falls into the pool. This safety tool makes it possible to act quickly and save someone who can’t swim and might otherwise drown silently.

There are many types of pool alarms, and they come with all sorts of extra features. The sheer number of choices can make it feel overwhelming when it comes time to choose the right one for your situation.

I will provide information on different alarms that work best in specific situations. By the end of this article, you will have the information that you need to make an informed decision about which pool alarm is best for your needs.

Pool Alarms: My Top Picks

iSmartAlarm DWS3R Contact Sensor

⭐ Best for Doors and Windows Around the Pool

The iSmartAlarm is the best contact sensor pool alarm. It is excellent for installation on the doors and windows surrounding your pool.

This alarm has multiple options, including motion-detecting models, smart switches, satellite siren, and even the iCamera Keep HD Camera, so you have a constant eye on the pool.

The best part is that this pool alarm is fully compatible with Alexa and IFTTT, so you can get notified about an intrusion via the internet when you’re far away.

iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor (2pk) | Wireless Alexa & IFTTT Compatible | DWS3R, White
  • Instant notifications
  • Wireless and moveable
  • Perfect for doors, windows, cabinets, etc.
  • Ismartalarm accessory in a pack of two sensors
  • This model is for US and Canada only, and requires an iSmartAlarm CubeOne (hub)


  • 3 volts
  • 3 x 2.7 x 0.7 inches
  • 82 ounces


  • Very easy to install
  • It can be operated with a smartphone
  • Includes multiple extra options, including an HD camera


  • The sensors tend to get faulty in cold weather

Poolguard GAPT-2 Outdoor Pool Gate Alarm

⭐ Best Alarm for Pool Gates

If you’re looking for a pool alarm to secure your gate, it’s hard to do better than this one. It has some great features that make it ideal for multiple uses, including detecting when kids and pets enter the pool area or when you want to get an intruder alert.

For starters, the GAPT-2 has an 85-decibel alarm, which is very loud. The range is only 10 feet, so you can’t install a receiver in the house, but 85 dB is loud enough to reach every corner of a large property.

It not only works when someone opens the pool gate but also sounds when it is left open. You can get an alert if the pool area is not secure.

Poolguard GAPT-2 Outdoor Pool Gate Alarm,White
  • Approved for Outdoor Use
  • Battery Powered
  • 1 Year
  • Made in the USA
  • 85 DB Horn at 10 Feet


  • 9 volts
  • 5 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches
  • 32 ounces


  • Sounds even when the gate is left open
  • Very easy to install
  • Very loud and ideal for large properties


  • Low range
  • Prone to false alarms (for example, if the wind blows the gate open)

Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm

⭐ Best Alarm for Water Surface Movements

This alarm is perfect for detecting surface movements, and so can be used on both above-ground and inground pools. It produces a loud siren as soon as your child enters the pool and disturbs the surface.

It also links with multiple alarms, so it is possible to rig all corners of your swimming pool. Of course, the big problem is that it’s easy to get false alarms since it gets set off by movements on the surface of the pool. To prevent this, you can set it to an appropriate sensitivity level.

Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm
  • Easy to install with no damage to your pool
  • Adjustable sensitivity to reduce false alarms
  • Works in any type, shape, or size pool or spa
  • In house remote receiver
  • Multiple alarms can be used in larger pools


  • 9 volts
  • 10 x 6.5 x 10 inches
  • 1 pound


  • Great for use in houses with children
  • Can easily sync with other alarms
  • Very easy to turn on and off
  • Can adjust the sensitivity level


  • Easy to get false alarms unless the sensitivity level gets set appropriately

Blue Wave NA4112 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System

⭐ Best for Permanent Installation on Inground Pools

While this pool alarm is a little more expensive than most others in the market, it is still quite useful for inground pools.

It has more sensors and features than most other models, and it can detect anything entering your pool, including your child or your pet.

You also don’t have to worry about false alarms since it can only detect things that weigh more than 18 lbs. This sensitivity might not help your lighter pets, but it ensures your toddlers are protected.

It also has a 100-foot range and is super easy to install.

Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System
  • NSF Certified to ASTM F2208 requirements for pool alarms
  • Electronic sensor detects entry into pool by children, pets, or intruders
  • Remote receiver sounds when the pool alarm is activated—100 ft wireless range
  • Alarm is designed to detect objects weighing 18 pounds or more 110V A/C or 9 volt battery powered receiver
  • Kindly refer the User Manual in the Technical Specification section for specifics on operating and installing this alarm. These setup and care...


  • 110 volts AC or 9 volts receiver
  • 11 x 10 x 11 inches
  • 3 pounds


  • Strong sensors
  • Tastefully designed
  • Not prone to false alarms


  • Very pricey
  • Heavier than other options

PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm

⭐ Best for Permanent Installation on Above Ground Pools

The PoolEye is the best choice if you have an above ground pool and want to install a pool alarm without having to drill into your railings.

You only have to remove a section of railing, install the alarm, and then replace it. The PoolEye is best for use with pools that are 24 feet in length or smaller.

This pool alarm is pretty loud, and it does its job well, but it has the downside of not having a remote receiver, so the alarm will only sound poolside.

PoolEye Aboveground Pool Immersion Alarm – Battery Powered Water Motion Sensor for up to 24’ Round or 16’ x 32’ Oval, Poolside Siren Only, PE14, Small, Grey
  • WATER MOTION SENSOR – Be prepared and armed with the PoolEye Immersion Pool Alarm. With its underwater motion sensor, PoolEye provides an extra...
  • EASY TO INSTALL – The PoolEye Pool Alarm is battery powered and easy to install. With all hardware included, it quickly installs under the top ledge...
  • FEWER FALSE ALARMS – The water motion sensor features sub-surface wave detection that will not pick up movement from rain or wind, meaning there are...
  • POOLSIDE SIREN – The PoolEye Aboveground Pool Alarm emits a loud 85 dB siren directly from the device that will notify any nearby adults of objects...
  • POOLEYE – PoolEye is the only brand you need to give your family peace of mind when it comes to pool safety. Our affordable and accurate sub-surface...


  • 9 volts
  • 5 x 3 x 13 inches
  • 1 pound


  • Easy to install
  • Very loud
  • Great for above ground pools


  • Does not have a remote receiver
  • Not for inground pools

Safety Turtle 2.0 Child Immersion Pool Alarm Kit

⭐ Best Wristband Alarm for Toddlers

The Safety Turtle will let you know whenever your child enters a body of water. It includes a wristband for your toddler to wear and a receiver that you place in the house.

With this receiver, you can hear an alarm when something goes awry outside. The wristband is well-designed and decorated with a green turtle, so your child shouldn’t mind wearing it. It’s straightforward to use and doesn’t require programming any settings beforehand.

Safety Turtle New 2.0 Child Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit
  • POOL ALARM SYSTEM - The base Safety Turtle 2.0 base will sound when wristband comes in contact with water
  • CHILD AND PET SAFETY - This water alarm kit was designed for your child or pet's safety
  • NO PROGRAMMING NECESSARY - This simple system will have you up and running in no time. Simply plug in the base within 200 feet of the pool, test the...
  • SECURE WRISTBAND - The children's wristband is band is cute and comfortable fit with the latch and pull mechanism.


  • 9 volts
  • 7 x 6.1 x 2.2 inches
  • 8 ounces


  • Very easy to use as a wearable device
  • Designed for toddlers to enjoy wearing
  • Multiple wristbands can link to the same receiver


  • Only works as long as the toddler does not take the wristband off

Recap: The Best Pool Alarms

My Research Criteria

First, I need to consider the types of pool alarms. The type of pool alarm you get depends on what you want to prevent from entering the pool. There are at least three types of pool alarms (you can read more about them below or in my, What Is a Pool Alarm? article).

Pool Entry Alarms

These pool alarms sound when anything enters the pool. They include surface sensor alarms, which float on your pool, and sub-surface sensor alarms, which get mounted on the wall underwater.

User Entry Alarms

User entry alarms are worn on the wrist and are mostly for children.

Once a child wears it, the alarm is locked and will sound when the child gets the band wet. These devices will let you know when the child enters any water (not just the pool).

Gate Alarms

Gate alarms, as you might have guessed from the name, are attached to the pool gate and often employ a magnetic sensor to sense when someone opens the gate.

Outside of the type of alarm, here are the other factors that went into my research.

The Volume

When buying a pool alarm, you should get one that you can hear from as far away as possible. That means it needs to be loud enough to hear the alarm even if the pool is far from the house.

That said, it shouldn’t be so loud that it ends up being more of a nuisance. You should also consider the local by-laws, as you don’t want a pool alarm that is so loud that it causes a disturbance to the neighbors and earns you a fine.

Easy to Use

The alarm should be easy to use. It should be simple to turn on and off, especially if you’re getting it for children. It might get set off several times a week, and you don’t want something tedious to turn off if there is a false alarm.

The Type of Setup

Setup is an essential factor when buying a pool alarm. Different pool alarms work best in specific settings.

Some are best for use in inground pools while others are best for use in above-ground pools. Some will float on the water while others are for wearing on wrists.

Yet others are mounted on the gate. All of these have advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that best meets your needs.

The Range

The range is a vital thing to consider for pool alarms that come with a receiver. The receiver will only work within a specific distance.

Therefore, you should buy a pool alarm with the right range for your needs depending on the distance between your house and the pool.

Value and Recalls

The quality of the pool alarm also matters. You want value for your money, and so you should go for models from reputable brands that deliver quality. These are not necessarily the most expensive options. I also looked at brands that have been recalled before and avoided those products.

Good luck with your search and let me know what questions you have! If you need other supplies recommendations, head over to my article on essential pool supplies.

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