Most Popular Swimming Pool Shapes

Swimming pools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can range from Olympic-sized lap pools to circular inflatable pools. When you have so many options available, it can be daunting to even start thinking about what kind of design you want for your swimming pool.

You should choose a swimming pool depending on your aesthetics and preferences, so to help get you started, I will go over some of the most popular swimming pool shapes. I will discuss each of these shapes and help you find the perfect swimming pool shape for your wants and needs.

Popular Swimming Pool Shapes

What swimming pool shape you get will depend on your backyard and your own aesthetic preferences. It will also be determined by what kind of activities you expect to take place in the pool. These 12 popular swimming pool shapes should provide you with some inspiration to decide what kind of swimming pool shape would be best for you.

#1 – Rectangle

The most classic swimming pool shape of all is a rectangular pool. They’re not the most creative shape, but they’re a classic, making them a popular and practical choice for many. This is a great choice if you are looking for a pool to take laps in.

The straight lines of the rectangle pool make it aesthetically pleasing and fitting in almost all settings. Furthermore, rectangle pools are the easiest to install, so they can help cut down on your swimming pool installation costs, which is an excellent advantage for those on a budget!

#2 – Grecian

Grecian pools are a popular choice for pool owners that are looking for a classic and graceful shape. These types of pools have been around for a long time, attesting to their timeless design. If you are looking for a pool shape similar to a rectangle but with a twist, the Grecian design might be the one for you.

Since Grecian pools do not have corners, they can be a bit smaller than rectangle pools. But if this is not necessarily a dealbreaker for you, this slightly rounded shape can be a great option for your backyard.

#3 – True Ell

A true ell pool shape is made up of two rectangles, creating the letter “L.” It is a geometric design perfect for those looking for a modern and defined look in their pool. The true ell is a great option for those with features in their backyard that the pool needs to go around. This design can seamlessly be designed around any landscaping or other immovable structures.

Many true ell shape pools have a shallow and deeper end, making it a great choice for families with children.

#4 Double Roman

Inspired by ancient times, the double roman pool is a classically designed rectangular pool with semicircular edges on the short ends of the pool. This is a timeless shape for people looking for an understated but grandiose design for their pool.

The double roman shape looks good and can serve as shallow seating areas, making it a great option for those looking for a pool that is easy to sunbathe in. It’s a great pool shape for relaxation.

#5 – Lazy Ell

The lazy ell pool shape is similar to the true ell, except it is more organic in the design with curved lines instead of harsh angles. This is another popular swimming pool shape choice for families due to the separation of shallow and deep ends. Ell-shaped pools, in general, tend to be larger than your average rectangle-shaped pools, so it’s a great design for those that like to swim.

So if you are intrigued by the true ell shape but are looking for a softer design, the lazy ell would be perfect for you.

#6 – Single Roman

A single roman shaped pool looks just like a double roman, but instead of having semicircular edges on both of the short ends of the pool, there is only one. It is a simple design that many homeowners like to choose for its elegance.

The arch on one end of the pool makes for an easy entryway into the pool. If you own a house with a classic design, a single roman is a great addition to the backyard. You should opt for the single roman as opposed to a double roman if you want to relax around your pool and swim small laps in it.

#7 – Martinique

You should get a Martinique-shaped pool if you like the idea of bringing a slice of the Caribbean to your backyard. The Martinique has an organic curved shape with a shallow end opening up to a deeper end. It’s a great design for various swim activities in and around the pool.

If you like to host, the original Martinique design will add an extra something to your backyard that will get your friends and family talking.

#8 – Kidney

Kidney-shaped pools are rounded on both sides and curve towards each other at the edges, resembling a kidney. The roundness of the shape makes it look organic and less harsh than your traditional rectangle pool. This is a popular option for pool owners looking for a contemporary design that easily fits into smaller spaces.

In particular, if you like the idea of adding water features like a waterfall, a kidney-shaped pool would be an ideal design. The water flow will circulate instead of simply crashing at the edge of the pool.

#9 – Lagoon

If you are looking for a swimming pool design that resembles nature, a lagoon shape might be a great fit. As the name suggests, the lagoon shape takes after the natural lagoon in its freeform shape. If you plan to have a lot of plants and shrubs surrounding your pool to make the pool look even more natural, it can further elevate the pool design.

The lagoon looks similar to a kidney-shaped pool, but it adds another dimension of an added curve at one end of the pool. Due to its shape, the lagoon is not ideal for swimming, so it is best for those looking for an aesthetically pleasing design that is more for lounging than actual swimming.

#10 – Mountain Pond

The mountain pond pool shape is made up of two circular shapes meeting with a hump-like shape in the middle. The mountain pond is a curvaceous model with symmetrical slopes on each side. This design is popular among those that want a mountain lake shaped pool but with more symmetry.

If you are looking for a pool design with a natural freeform shape with a more circular design, look at the mountain pond.

#11 – Double Lagoon

A double lagoon is another freeform pool shape ideal for those with their priorities placed on aesthetics rather than the ability to swim laps. It is similar to a basic lagoon design, but instead of having one section that juts out, there are two.

For those looking for a natural-looking pool to add some beauty to the backyard, this may be a great option for you.

#12 – Straight Kidney

A straight kidney shape is perfect for those intrigued by the kidney shape but are looking for something a bit more classic for ease of swimming. The straight kidney features a straight back that makes it easier to swim laps than in a traditional kidney-shaped pool.

The straight kidney is a great compromise between the freeform curves of the kidney shape and the straight lines of a rectangle shape.

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How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Shape for You

Choosing the best pool shape for your yard ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and the size and shape of your yard. Some pool designs are designed for certain uses, such as swimming laps and lounging. And others are designed simply to add an aesthetic appeal to your backyard.

I recommend going through all of the pool designs and deciding which one matches your backyard the best. If you plan to use your pool for exercise or lap swimming, you will likely go with a simpler design such as the rectangle. If you want an elegant pool that adds class to your yard and value to your house, you should instead go with a more modern artistic design.

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Have more questions? Let me know; I’m happy to help!

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