Michael Dean

Michael has over 25 years of experience in the swimming pool industry. He has built pools and natural landscapes for hundreds of homes and businesses across the country. He also holds multiple patents for pool performance products he has engineered over the years.

Guide to Using Borax in Your Pool

Most people remember the yellow box of borax our grandmothers stored under their kitchen sink. My granny used it to scrub the floors, and sometimes she’d toss it in with the laundry. Well, it’s still a popularly used household cleaning agent and detergent booster. But did you know borax is also great for your pool? …

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How to Remove Pool Liner Wrinkles

Summer is coming, the weather is nice, and you’re ready for a swim — but you just realized your vinyl liner is wrinkled. Swimming pool liners are very thin and may look great to begin with, but form wrinkles over time. Although liner wrinkles do not cause catastrophic problems to your pool, they can be …

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What Is a Semi Inground Pool?

There are few options when deciding to install a swimming pool in your backyard. You’ve probably heard and seen above ground pools and fully inground pools. But what is a semi inground pool? If you’ve been wondering what this is and if it’s the right type of pool for you, you’re not alone. So, here’s …

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Pool Enclosures Guide

Pool enclosures can be a great design feature to keep your pool safe and add some neat aesthetic to wherever you place your swimming pool. What some pool owners don’t know is how many regulations there are on pool enclosures. A lot of local cities and municipalities require fencing around residential pools, and a pool …

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