Pool Deck Jets Design Ideas, Inspiration, & Considerations

Written by Michael Dean
February 20, 2024

swimming pool deck jets

Pool deck jets are a very popular addition to swimming pools that add a lot of style. Essentially, they are water lines in your pool deck (flush with the surface) that shoot out streams of water into the pool of varying heights, depending on the installation. In this article, I’ll go over some of the main benefits of installing deck jets, what to watch out for, get some design inspiration, and finish off with some tips on installing them. Ready? Let’s get started.

Main Benefits

Are there any other benefits to having deck jets around your swimming pool besides just style? Here are a few.

Natural Noise Barrier

Like fountains and waterfalls, deck jets can act as a natural sound barrier to the many common distractions around your home, creating a much more peaceful environment. Turn them on and drown out those noisy neighbors or cars on that nearby street. Even if you aren’t swimming, turning your deck jets on can create a much more private environment if you have folks over for a backyard event.

Cooler Water

The additional water flow and circulation that deck jets produce introduce more oxygen into your pool, which helps cool down your water. If you live in a super hot or humid climate, water features like these are almost essential to keep your pool feeling nice and cold so you can escape the summer heat.

Fun for the Family

Deck jets are a fun feature for kids of all ages and pets. They are a lot cheaper to install than a large waterfall, but create a similar effect for kids, who get to float underneath them and get drenched.


If you’re interested in installing deck jets, work with your pool builder to potentially make them customizable. You can have jets at a different angle to create a cool effect in your pool or possibly have them remotely adjustable.

Watch Outs

The big watch out with deck jets is pipe damage during the colder months. You have to winterize them correctly so that your pipes don’t freeze up and crack during the winter. Pouring antifreeze in your pipes and properly capping them as you winterize your pool should do the trick.

Pool Deck Jets Design Ideas

pool with deck jets and bubblers

Here’s a simple example of deck jets that I installed with a swimming pool a few years ago.

These great high-arching deck jets line both long edges of the pool, creating a cool overlapping effect for anyone swimming. Kudos to Creative Masters in Lincoln Park, NJ, for this design.

For this wider pool, the deck jets aren’t quite overlapping, but still create a nice tranquil environment to entertain.

Here’s an example of much smaller jets, only really there for the aesthetic and sound effects.

Here’s an example of deck jets only on one side of the pool, barely getting across the ledge with the bubblers.

Here’s an example of deck jets that have been adjusted to a lower trajectory.

freeform pool with fountain in spa

A lot is going on in this pool I built. The deck jets are unique here because they aren’t directly beside the pool, but rather from the edge of the landscaping around the pool.

I really like this design which has large streams of water stretching across the entire pool, leading into a rainwater feature in the spa area. Image from sebringdesignbuild.com.

Installing Deck Jets In Your Pool

Thinking about installing deck jets in your pool? Make sure to hire a professional. These features are super tough to install DIY and really need to be considered in the initial design phase of your pool build. However, if you’re doing a significant remodel of an existing pool that includes overhauling the deck, this feature could be part of the plan.

Need Help Building Your Pool?

I offer design consulting services to help you build your ideal pool. I'll work with your contractor, create build-ready designs and specs, and much more.

And that’s it for deck jets! Have any questions? Let me know, and I’ll help you as best as possible.

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