Infinity Pool Design Guide

Infinity pools are a very popular type of swimming pool that I have built hundreds of over the past few decades. They look incredibly elegant and can be a great compliment to a breathtaking view. If you are interested in building an infinity pool at your home and want some inspiration, stick around. I’ll cover the main benefits and drawbacks of infinity pools, give you some infinity pool design inspiration, and finish off with some tips on the installation process and cost. Ready? Let’s get started.

Main Benefits

Alright, first up let’s cover why infinity edge pools are a great style option.


The aesthetic of an infinity edge pool is truly eye catching. From the far side of the swimming pool or patio, the infinity edge brings continuity to the surrounding landscape. If your pool overlooks a beautiful sunset on the lake or a breathtaking view over the mountain range, the pool water seems to fit just perfectly with the water in the lake, sky, or forestry. Plus, the edge provides a natural place for your friends and family to stand and soak in the beauty.

Natural Noise Barrier

Every infinity edge pool spills over into a lower pool of some sort, creating a waterfall. That constant rush of water over the edge can be a great noise barrier (as can many other water features) for surrounding neighbors or the street out front.

More Environmentally Friendly

Lastly, an infinity swimming pool is more friendly for the environment and your wallet. But wait…don’t they require more powerful pumps? Yes they do (more on that later), but those pumps are typically only active when the pool is in use. The lower pool or water collection trough can also recycle water back into the main pool.

Watch Outs

The only main drawback to infinity pools is the cost to build them. Since you are required to build a lower pool or collection area as well, that adds to the material and labor costs of the pool. You also might not want an infinity edge pool if you don’t have a great landscape or view to look at. Not much to gander at if the focal point of your pool is right into your neighbors fence!

Infinity Pool Design Ideas

Starting off simple, this is about as simple as it gets. I built this pool a few years ago and it overlooks a very sprawling backyard landscape. The infinity wall on the outside has some nice natural stone to give it great “curb appeal” from the backyard.

This pool is at the Reynolds Plantation in Georgia. The pool looks over the surrounding lake and has a good size lower pool to enjoy as well (not pictured here).

Here is a pool I built a few years ago in the North Carolina mountains, overlooking a beautiful landscape. See how the infinity edge really adds to the view? It’s even better from ground level view vs. the birds eye view shown here.

This infinity edge pool overlooks a big lake in North Carolina. I love how this camera angle really captures the continuity of the pool water and the lake.

Here is an example of a corner infinity edge overlooking a huge field. I love this countryside pool.

The protection and privacy of the landscaping and the infinity edge that provides a “window” to the outside world and the marina is a cool layout here. I really liked designing and building this one.

And to cap it off, this might be the most famous infinity pool of them all. This pool is at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, overlooking the vast metropolis. Yeah. What a view.

Installing an Infinity Pool

Obviously this is a type of pool feature that you want to talk to your pool builder about early and make sure you incorporate into the initial design mockups.

The shape and slope of your yard is also an important consideration for installation. You want to make sure you are installing the pool on a level surface, so if that is not the case, your contractor may have to do some leveling before starting to build the pool.

Finally, be aware of some additional maintenance that is required for infinity pools. You’ll need to clean the lower pool or basin regularly just like the main pool and do regular maintenance checkups on the extra pump and filter equipment that comes with the pool.

Infinity Pool Cost

Infinity edge pools cost quite a bit more than your average inground pool. The national average cost for inground pools is around $37,000 and anywhere from $50-125 per square foot. Infinity pools will tack on anywhere from $10,000-$30,000 or more. So, make sure to get a cost estimate from your builder and budget appropriately!

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