What Size Pool Pillow Do You Need?

With cold weather just a season away for many swimming pool owners, some turn to pool pillows to keep their pools safe during the winter freeze. You’ve probably seen pool pillows but have never used one. Not sure what size to get or how many you’ll need for your above or inground pool? I help you take a closer look at pool pillows and how to select the right one.

What Are Pool Pillows?

Unless you live somewhere warm year-round, most pool owners need to winterize their pools to some extent, no matter if you have an inground pool or above ground pool. As you know, winterizing your pool is relatively easy, but many owners have experienced some trial and error when it comes to covering the pool and avoiding ice.

Maybe you’ve thought about getting a pool pillow, but never got around to buying one. There’s no better time than right now to finally buy one, as it plays an essential role in preparing your pool for winter.

Not only do pool pillows help keep a gap in between your winter pool cover and the water, it can protect the cover from damage. An added benefit is that a pool air pillow shifts debris closer to the pool walls and can make it easier for you to gather debris from the edge of the pool instead of the middle. Clearing away debris and removing snow from your pool cover during cold months means less work when pool season arrives.

Common Sizes: Which Pool Pillow Is Right For You?

The most common pool pillows sizes are 4’x5’, 4’x8’, and 4’x15’. You should be able to find one that works well for you from one of these three sizes, no matter the type of pool you have.

For most above ground pools – round or oval – just one appropriately sized pool pillow will work. Here’s a general breakdown in terms of pool sizes and shapes.

Recommended Pillow Size Round Oval
4’ x 5’ 12’ – 15’ 8’ x 12’ – 12’ x 17’
4’ x 8’ 18’ – 24’ 12’ x 18’ – 16’ x 32’
4’ x 15’ 27’ –  33’ 18’ x 33’ – 21’ x 43’

Alternatively, larger pillows or multiple pillows can be used. Keep in mind that oversized pillows or too many pillows do not necessarily produce the best results. Air pillows are most effective when kept in the center, creating that gap instead of covering a large surface. So, if you’re trying to figure out how many air pillows you need, the answer is typically just one or two.

Not To Exceed Round Oval
4’ x 8’ 12’ – 15’ 8’ x 12’ – 12’ x 17’
(2) 4’X5′ 18’ 10′ X 19′ – 12′ X 18′
(2) 4’X8′ 21’ – 24’ 12′ X 24’ – 15′ X 26′
(2) 4′ X 15′ 27’ –  33’ 18′ X 40′ – 21’ x 43’

Not all of the size combinations have been listed here, but these tables should help you find a good range where you fit.

Final Tips

No matter the size of the pool pillow you’re using, a good rule of thumb is to keep the pillow only partially inflated – around 60-80% – allowing for some give. A great tip is to use velcro or string to keep the pool pillow from moving from the center as things shift too.

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