Pool Privacy Design Guide

Privacy around your pool is really comforting as a pool owner. And with the right landscaping strategy, you can add pool privacy features that not only keep the neighbors out, but also keep the pool area safe for your kids and that create a beautiful aesthetic that blends in with your surrounding environment.

Below are some of my thoughts on the different types of privacy features you could add, some pool privacy ideas to get your design juices flowing, and some tips on installation. Let’s get started.

Main Benefits

First off, let’s start with the main benefits of privacy features around your pool.

Comfort and Privacy

The first is pretty obvious – privacy. Nobody wants a bunch of onlookers when you are trying to relax. Especially if you live in a crowded neighborhood, privacy features like a fence or tall landscaping can make your small space feel way less crowded.


Some privacy features around pools can also improve overall safety and prevent your young children from accessing the pool area without supervision. Of course, this is much easier to do with fencing than landscaping, but more on that later.


The right privacy landscaping and other features can add tremendously to your overall backyard environment, theme, and vibe. If you have a very large backyard, some hedging can also help “fill it in” and warm up the space. The right types of privacy features will also vary depending on where you live.

Watch Outs

The only real watch outs for privacy features are cost and upkeep. Generally, your stonework and hedging is going to cost more than installing a fence (well, depending on the type of fence). You also want to make sure you plan for maintenance (both maintenance time and cost) if you want plants as your privacy feature.

Types of Pool Privacy Features

Here are some common types of privacy features that I see a lot of pool owners and builders considering.


The first, and potentially most obvious, option is fencing. Check out my article on pool fence ideas for some inspiration on the different types of fencing you could potentially install. Fences will offer better safety features and are typically cheaper to install. Outside of your basic picket fence, you can also go with a taller option with minimal “gaps” for more privacy, and you obviously have a lot of potential color variety.

Walls (Brick, Concrete, Stucco, Stone)

Building a solid wall from brick, concrete, stucco, stone, or another similar option is also an attractive privacy feature. You have a ton of optionality here with design (especially with stone) and this is a popular option for a lot of homeowners these days. I go through some examples below.


Greenery is another popular privacy option, which you’ll see many examples of below. You can go with a more formal option like a trimmed boxwood or a more rugged and wild design with a lot of different plants at varying heights that are less “put together,” but add a great positive energy to whatever space you are building.

Noise Barriers

Remember, privacy can also mean blocking out all the noises and distractions from around your pool. Water features are a great solution for drowning out the surrounding noise.

Pool Privacy Design Ideas

Here is an example of that trimmed boxwood hedge that I was talking about earlier. A very formal option, but a good one for many homeowners. I love the stone walkway, gate, and red maple in the yard as well to add color and style.

Natasha Nicholson / Getty Images

A great example of the “kitchen sink” of privacy features. There is a lot of plant life going on here, but also zen among the chaos.

I really like the hedging combined with the taller trees to shade the pool from the neighbor’s house here.

Your traditional white picket fence, good option for a lot of folks.

I like the modern feel of this wood fencing, going horizontal with your boards also feels less traditional. The plant life accents it well.

The natural stone work is the shining star in this example. A great pool privacy design feature.

Major contrast here with the example above, a lot bigger stones and a nice blend of stone and natural green landscaping.

If you want to go with a very clean privacy option, this white stucco wall has a great feel to it.

Photo credit: Lucas Firmin Pools

I love the bricking here with wonderful scuppers protruding from the wall.

Installing Pool Privacy Features

As with any pool design feature, I think the best ones are considered at the very start, before you even build your pool during the initial design process. However, privacy features can certainly be installed any time after your pool is built.

If you’re looking at landscaping options to solve for privacy, keep it mind a few things.

First, make sure to choose evergreen plants. You don’t want your privacy to completely disappear during some months of the year!

Second, make sure to choose plants that have minimal litter. Falling leaves and other debris from your plants could leave stone features around your pool stained.

Third, if you want privacy landscaping around your pool, make sure to install light colored pavers or stone. Dark colors will soak up more heat and potentially damage the plants around them.

Lastly, make sure to check the local codes and requirements in your area for building structures around your home. Some local areas are stricter than others on what you can and cannot build, so make sure you know your limits before committing to a certain privacy feature.

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