Pool Equipment Enclosure Ideas

Written by Michael Dean
July 11, 2023

pool equipment enclosure

Swimming pool equipment enclosures are a great idea to keep your ugly and noisy equipment out of sight, but still accessible for maintenance. In this article, I cover the pros and cons of enclosures, some creative and effective pool equipment enclosure ideas, and installation tips. Let’s dive in.

Main Benefits

Let’s start off with the primary advantages of building a pool equipment enclosure.

It Hides Your Pool Equipment

Starting with the obvious, an enclosure like a fence or shed will hide your pool equipment from plain sight of your family and friends. You worked hard on your backyard aesthetic, so why have an unsightly pool pump ruin the vibe?

It Reduces Noise

Your pool pump can get really loud when it’s working hard to keep your water clean. Adding an enclosure around your equipment can be a decent noise barrier to keep your pool environment quiet and zen (except when the kids are screaming and running around). This is especially true if you properly soundproof your enclosure. I’ll have another article on how to do that soon.

You Can Build Storage Beside It

Creating an equipment enclosure like a shed can be a great opportunity to add extra storage space for pool brushes, cleaners, and other tools you need for regular swimming pool maintenance.

Watch Outs

While there aren’t many “disadvantages” to building an equipment enclosure, there are a few watch outs to be aware of.


Pool equipment enclosure costs can add up quickly depending on the materials and size of your structure. Make sure you plan everything and estimate all the costs to ensure it fits within your budget.


Every house has a different layout, and depending on where your equipment is set up, you may have a tight or awkward space to work with. Talk with your contractor or a knowledgeable professional to determine what is possible with your space and plan accordingly.

Types of Equipment Enclosures

Concrete or Stone

Some homeowners choose to build a pool equipment enclosure out of concrete or natural stone. Depending on the aesthetic of your backyard environment, this style could blend well with its surroundings. You need to be careful about access, though. Make sure you can access your equipment and leave enough room around everything to perform maintenance.

Wood Fence

Building a wood fence around your pool equipment is probably the most popular enclosure option I see in homes these days. It’s easy to DIY, you can build a gate to get in and out, and it fits well with most backyard styles. Depending on how you build it, though, this option may not be the most soundproof. I recommend adding some soundproof blankets to the interior of the fence to block noise from your pool pump and other equipment.

Privacy Screen

A privacy screen is the cheapest and most “out of the box” option for an equipment enclosure, but also the least soundproof. Most screens are made from plastic or mesh lining, which doesn’t absorb or deaden sound well.

Soundproof Box

I have seen more and more pool owners build soundproof boxes around their pool equipment in the last couple of years. This is a great option, in my opinion, because it will keep the noise at bay and is pretty compact.


Some homeowners like to build entire sheds around their swimming pool equipment. A big shed allows you to create extra storage room for other pool cleaning supplies and is generally pretty soundproof if you build it right.


Lastly, surrounding your pool equipment with natural landscaping is another option to keep it out of sight. Bushes and trees won’t block sound well, but if you’re more concerned about the look and want something natural, adding more greenery can be a good option.

Alright, let’s get into some design ideas. Also, check out my pool pump cover ideas article for more inspiration.

Pool Equipment Enclosure Design Ideas

Starting with the basics – this is what the innards of a basic pool equipment enclosure looks like.

Here is a cool overbuilt shed to store pool equipment and supplies.

Photo credit: Lifetime Fence Company

I like how this pool equipment shed is tucked into the corner of the space.

Photo credit: Next Luxury

You can build a pool equipment box on hinges for easy access.

Photo credit: Next Luxury

Here’s a well-built soundproof box for pool equipment.

Photo credit: Next Luxury

This is an example of a basic wood fence to keep your pool equipment out of sight. It doesn’t help much with soundproofing.

Photo credit: Next Luxury

I like this stucco enclosure to hide the equipment.

Photo credit: Pool Blanket Boxes

Here is an example of a wood and stone blend to create an equipment box.

Photo credit: Salt Water Pool and Spa

You can also buy prefabricated plastic covers for pool pumps and other equipment if you’re on a budget.

Photo credit: Next Gen Aluminum

Here’s an example of an easily accessible aluminum enclosure for your pool plumbing equipment.

Need Help Building Your Pool?

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That’s about it for pool equipment enclosures. Do you have more questions or other pool design ideas? Shoot me a note; always happy to help.

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