Beach Entry Pools Design Ideas, Inspiration & Considerations

Written by Michael Dean
July 11, 2023

beach entry swimming pool

Beach entry pools, also called zero entry pools, are an increasingly popular style of swimming pool for homeowners who want a tropical or natural spring look to their backyard oasis. So, what exactly is a beach entry pool? It is a gradual, sloped entry to the pool that replaces stairs and emulates how you would naturally enter the water on a beach or lake.

In this article, I’ll cover the main pros and cons of beach entry swimming pools, my favorite beach entry pool ideas for inspiration, and finish up with some installation tips based on my experience installing these pools for the last several decades. Let’s dive in.

Main Benefits

Below are the biggest advantages of beach entry pools.


As I mentioned above, beach entry pools give off a natural vibe to them that a lot of pool owners love. Whether you’re going for an island paradise or a hidden natural lagoon style, the beach entry is a great feature to make you feel like your pool is a part of nature.

Easier Entry

The gradual, sloping entry replaces the stairs in your pool, so it’s easier to access for a lot of people with physical disabilities or mobility problems. You can even put a handrail in the middle of the entryway to provide folks with support as they enter the pool. The beach entry is also a great shallow area for kids.

Tanning Ledge

The beach entry acts as a natural tanning ledge for friends and family who want to lay out in the sun. Typically, tanning ledges are a flat surface built into an area of the pool. The beach entry serves as a slightly sloped version of that, which can be more comfortable for some people.

Watch Outs

I don’t have too many major concerns or “watch outs” for beach entry pools. The only major factor is the additional cost, which will vary depending on the size of your pool and the additional materials needed to build the beach entry. On average, adding a beach entry will cost you around $5,000-10,000.

Beach Entry Pool Design Ideas

This is a cool beach entry pool I built in Reynolds, Georgia, that has a stone-tiled entryway. The handrail in the middle is a must for larger pools to help people get in and out that need a little assistance.

This small beach entry pool has a spectacular view and blends in well with the surrounding landscape.

This is a fiberglass beach entry pool from Thursday Pools. I believe they have a patent on a unique fiberglass zero-entry design.

This beach entry is from Lucas Lagoons, a famous luxury pool builder with their own TV show. I love how this pool overlooks the waterway. The entry makes it feel like you are getting into a big body of water, not just the swimming pool.

This one is from Meridian Custom Pools. The beach entry has custom tile work featuring turtles and other sea creatures, which you can easily incorporate into your design.

Installing a Beach Entry Pool

There are a few installation considerations for beach entry pools that you should be aware of. First and foremost, this is not a feature you can add on after you’ve built your swimming pool. A beach entry needs to be considered in the initial design phase.

Speaking of the initial design phase…because of the way a beach entry is designed with a gradual slope, it isn’t feasible for smaller pools. So, you’ll need to consult with your pool builder about how big you need your pool to be in order to fit the beach entry.

Lastly, beach entries are not possible with vinyl liner pools. Therefore, you’ll choose between concrete and fiberglass. Concrete is definitely the more popular choice and the one I recommend because of the customization options and design flexibility.

Need Help Building Your Pool?

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That’s it for beach entry pools! Head to my article on pool designs 101 for more design inspiration. Do you have more questions? Let me know; always happy to lend a hand.

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