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As a pool owner, you have to deal with debris and dirt that accumulates over the offseason. While having a pool cover can help prevent dirt accumulation, you don’t want dirt to fall into your pool when you open it for the season.  Investing in a pool cover pump is the only way to keep your pool in top condition and protect your pool cover.

I’ll go over what to look for in a pool cover pump, and my top picks. Also, be sure to check out my research on the best pool cover if you need a new one.

Pool Cover Pumps: My Top Picks

Wayne Automatic Pool Cover Pump

⭐ Best Overall

Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump

This Wayne pool cover pump is about as hands-off as you can get. It does all the hard work for you.

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  • 3000 GPH max flow rate
  • 1/4 HP motor
  • 25 ft. Power cord length
  • 6 pounds of weight


  • Impressive flow speeds
  • Simple to use extended cord
  • Automated motor control
  • Flexible discharge connection
  • Environmentally-friendly operation


  • May fail to strain some debris

The Wayne Automatic Pool Cover Pump is an excellent choice if you’re looking to be hands-off.  You don’t have to worry about damaging the pool cover as the pump turns off after it gets to a specific level. The submersible machine comes with a filter to remove any debris that may clog the pump. Moreover, the pump has a capacity of pushing out 3000 GPH with a 1.25-inch drain hose.  With the 25-ft power cord, you can spread out the pump in different directions. Its automatic freeze protection function defends the motor against freezing temperatures.  You can easily adjust the pump over the pool cover, thanks to the 25 ft. rope.

Little Giant Submersible Automatic Pool Cover Pump

⭐ Easiest to Use

Little Giant APCP-1700 Swimming Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant lives up to its name with a small but mighty pool cover pump that is really compact and easy to use.

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I may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at zero additional cost to you. This in no way impacts my research process or opinions.


  • 1745 GPH max flow rate
  • 1/3 HP motor
  • 25 ft power cord length
  • 13 pounds


  • Portable and easy to maneuver
  • Comes with a long power cord
  • Automatic activation system
  • Durable
  • Effective in cold weather
  • Has a submersible design
  • 115 Volt compatibility


  • Requires a high starting water level

The Little Giant Submersible Automatic pool cover pump features high-grade thermoplastic material. The compact pump removes rainwater and any melting snow from your pool. Its detachable suction screen helps with hassle-free cleaning and the 25 ft. long power cord makes maneuverability easier.  Find a broad base and a float switch that keeps this machine sturdy and prevents any tipping over.  The 1/3 HP motor pump delivers a smooth performance throughout the process.

The submersible pool cover pump can remove 1745 GPH. At only 13 pounds, the pump doesn’t put a lot of excess strain on either your body or your pool cover.  On the downside, the pump activates in two inches of water, and it turns itself off when the lid is almost dry. Overall, the model is durable and affordable, which most people are happy to settle for in the long run.  The pump comes with a three-year warranty.

Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump

⭐ Most Durable

Superior Pump 1/4 HP Submersible Utility Pump

This pool cover pump is incredibly durable and can suck up pretty much any debris in its path.

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  • 1800 GPH max flow rate
  • 1/4 HP electric motor
  • 10 ft, power cord
  • Five pounds


  • Has a sturdy thermoplastic construction
  • Comes with a removable suction screen to remove debris
  • Ability to pump 1800 GPH
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Can be used with different products around the house


  • It only comes with a one-year warranty

If you’re looking for a versatile utility pump that you can also use around the house, the Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump is an excellent choice.  With its ability to pump up to 18 GPH, the pump is simple to operate, and you can place it in different setups depending on your preferences.

Another impressive feature is the thermoplastic construction that not only increases the pump’s efficiency but also prolongs its longevity. It can withstand vibrations, pressure, snow, ice, dirt, and other items. The 10ft. power cord provides flexibility, and the 3/4 inch hose adapter promotes effectiveness. Furthermore, the removable suction screen ensures stuff like leaves and grass clippings do not clog the pump.

Little Giant Manual Pool Cover Pump

⭐ Best Manual Pump

Little Giant PE-1-PCP Manual Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant makes the best manual pump on the market based on my experience. If you want a little more control, go with them.

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I may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at zero additional cost to you. This in no way impacts my research process or opinions.


  • 550 GPH max flow rate
  • 1/50 HP motor
  • 25 ft. Power cord length
  • 4 pounds


  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Simple to install and store
  • Lightweight thermoplastic construction
  • Ideal for winter use
  • Superior motor power


  • It may not work well in deep pools

The Little Giant Manual Pool Cover Pump is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for more control over the water removal process. Despite being a manual pump, you’ll love its durability and affordability. All you need is to attach a 0.75-inch garden hose to the pump and switch it on.

Find an intake screen on the pump to prevent the collection of dirt and debris on your hose. The motor is entirely submersible, which makes it capable of handling the job.  With its ability to pump 550 gallons per hour, it may take more time to remove standing water.

Fibropool Electric Manual Pool Cover Pump

⭐ Best Pump for Lightweight Covers

FibroPool Electric Swimming Pool Winter Cover Drain Pump

If you have a lightweight pool cover that can't hold a ton of heavy equipment on it, check out this model from FibroPool.

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I may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at zero additional cost to you. This in no way impacts my research process or opinions.


  • 600 GPH max flow rate
  • 16 ft. Power cord
  • 1/10 HP
  • 4 Pounds


  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Works with both above ground and in-ground pools
  • Matches to any standard 110V socket


  • Some users had an issue with the hose

At only 3.4 pounds, the Fibropool Electric Manual pool cover pump is a must-have if you’re looking for a pump on a budget.  It comes with a 16-foot hose, which means you may need to have a power outlet close enough or have a narrow pool.  The budget-friendly pool cover pump needs turning on as its a manual pump.

What makes this pump different from the rest is its heavy-duty construction that includes quality materials.  It can last long despite its exposure to external elements like water or bad weather. What’s more, the pump is impressive in freezing conditions as it’s capable of handling cold temperatures.

The pump can handle 600 GPH, and the best part is that you can position it in several places without any problems.  Find an energy-efficient 75-Watt motor in the 110 Volt unit.  The manufacturer goes ahead to add a conventional hose adapter that is ready to fit and operate in most situations.  Its auto-shutoff feature prevents you from wasting energy as it switches the machine off when most of the water has been removed.

Recap: Best Pool Cover Pumps

My Research Criteria

When researching the available types of pool cover pumps, it can be confusing to know what to choose, given the multiple options available. I understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Here are the factors I considered in my research criteria to find the best picks.

Automatic or Manual

Pool cover pumps can either be automatic or manual.  Note that both pumps remove any water buildup and snow on your cover, something that prevents damage to the pool and prevents the cover from sagging.  The difference comes in operation. With manual pumps, you need to go outside and plug it in as you wait for it to drain. You’ll need to go back out and unplug once done. However, with automatic pumps, you don’t have to do the work as they can detect any buildup and drain by itself. Manual pumps are more affordable, but if you already have an automatic pool cover you may want to grab the automatic cover pump as well.

Flow Rate

It’s essential to consider the amount of water the pool cover pump can move before purchase. The maximum flow rate is measured in gallons per hour.  You may want to consider a pump with a higher flow rate if you have a large pool, so you can get rid of the water on top of your cover.

While we’re talking about flow rate, if you need a new pool pump too, check out my pool pump size calculator to help you determine the right fit.


You can find both affordable and expensive pool cover pumps in the market. When it comes to longevity, you need to consider specific things. Reputable brands like Little Giant, Wayne, and Superior, among others, are famous for their quality pumps. It’s critical to pay attention to the quality and build. The most durable cover pumps are not cheap, but they will guarantee years of winterizing your pool. You can also check out the most popular products in the market based on user reviews to find a durable pump.

Extra Features

Other features you may want to look at when comparing pool cover pumps include the cord length, activation level, debris filter, freeze protection,  and submersible design. The best pump should operate while fully submerged under the water. You should also find a pump that collects any debris apart from cleaning the pool. Automatic pool pumps turn on when the water buildup gets to a specific depth; that helps to protect the plastic cover. Some pumps come with an activation level, but the depths differ from one pump to another.

And that’s about it. For more product recommendations, head over to my guide on the best pool products.

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