The Best Above Ground Pool Ladders

When most people purchase an above ground pool, the store throws in a ladder as part of the package. Of course, just because they include a ladder doesn’t mean that it’s going to be especially safe, durable, or comfortable. Compared with the built-in varieties, the best above ground pool ladders are built for years of use, and they’re much sturdier and safer than what you can expect to come with your pool.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best above ground pool ladders on the market, so you can focus on having a safe and fun summer as you enjoy your new pool.

My Top Picks: Best Above Ground Pool Ladders

Overall, I found 6 ladders that stood out from the rest of the competition. Here are a ton of details about each of my top picks.

Bestway Above Ground Pool Ladder

⭐ Best Low-Cost Ladder

If you’re looking for an affordable ladder that still provides better safety and stability than the ladder included with your pool, this option from Bestway may be a perfect choice for you.

This simple ladder is made of galvanized rust-resistant metal, so it will provide you with several summers of use before it needs to be replaced. The plastic steps are slip-resistant, so you’ll be on sure footing when you enter or exit the pool, no matter how wet your feet are.

Durable rubber feet with heavy-duty treads help keep your ladder stable and secure as you exit and enter the pool, and this Bestway ladder carries a weight limit of 400 pounds. The ladder’s handles are at an ideal height to steady yourself as you exit the pool.

Everything needed for assembly is included in the box, and you’ll have your ladder assembled and ready for action in just a few short minutes. This A-frame ladder stands a bit over three feet tall, making it ideal for inflatables and shallow above ground pools as well.

While this affordable and easy-to-assemble ladder is ideal for small pools, its compact size means that it won’t be compatible with larger pools.

Bestway 58334E Ladder, 36" | Made for Above Ground Pools | Durable Rust-Proof Metal Frame, One Size
  • EASY ACCESS TO AND FROM POOL: With double-sided steps, this ladder allows a swimmer to go into or come out of a pool simply and safely.
  • MADE FOR WET FEET: Heavy-duty, slip-resistant plastic steps were designed for drenched feet to keep you and your child from falling.
  • ONE LADDER FOR MANY SUMMERS: This A-frame pool ladder's frame is made from durable, galvanized, and rust-resistant metal.
  • SUITABLE FOR ABOVE GROUND POOLS: This ladder is appropriate for inflatable pools or above ground pools with wall heights of 36" (3 feet) or lower.


  • Fits pools up to 36-inches tall
  • Galvanized rust-resistant metal and plastic construction
  • 320-pound weight capacity


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and comfortable steps


  • No traction on handrails – prone to slipping
  • Only compatible with small pools

Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Above Ground Adjustable Pool Roll-Guard

⭐ Best Adjustable Ladder

Confer Plastics has developed a sterling reputation when it comes to pool ladders, and their 7200 series ladder is one of their crown jewels. Thousands of people rely on this sturdy ladder to get them in and out of their pool each summer.

This A-frame ladder is packed with intuitive safety features. The side rails are curved to provide additional stability, and the Comfortread steps are five inches deep and eighteen inches wide, so you’ll have a sure footing and plenty of room to navigate as you get in and out of the pool. The side rails are also hollow, so you can fill them with water to keep the ladder submerged, instead of needing to use sandbags or bricks.

The 7200 series ladder also features integrated side barriers on the exterior side of the ladder, which prevents children from getting behind the ladder. The most notable safety feature, though, is the lockable Roll-Guard barrier (which includes a lock), which covers the exterior steps of the ladder, making it impossible to climb. Thanks to this feature, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your pool is safe for little ones and doesn’t present any hazards.

The ladder adjusts to accommodate pools from 48-56 inches high, and the extra-large platform is compatible with pool top seats as wide as 14 inches. Since adjustments are so easy to make, this is my top choice Since the ladder must be attached to the pool frame, the 7200 series isn’t compatible with inflatable or soft-sided pools.

Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Above Ground Adjustable Pool Roll-Guard Safety Ladder
  • Adjusts to fit 48 inch to 54 inch tall pools
  • Ladder has an extra large platform and is equipped with large 18 inch x 5 inch comfortread steps.
  • 300 lb weight capacity.
  • Includes a lockable Roll Guard Barrier that simply rolls over the outer steps when not in use (lock included).
  • This ladder should not be used with Intex/inflatable/pop-up style pools.


  • Compatible with pools 48-56″ deep
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • 18×5″ treads
  • Fits pool top seats up to 14″ wide


  • Intuitive safety features
  • Accommodates multiple pool sizes
  • Wide tread steps provide sure footing


  • Not compatible with soft-sided pools

Confer Entry System

⭐ Best for Kids

When it comes to pool ladders, you can rarely find one that suits the needs of everyone. Thankfully, the Confer Entry System ladder is ideal for virtually everyone, including children, the elderly, and people with slight handicaps.

This versatile entry system allows you to attach a single unit to an existing pool deck, or join two together to create a stable and secure entry system that will enable you to enter and exit the pool with ease. The extra-large steps and sturdy railing make it a breeze for anyone to navigate in and out of the pool, including children and the elderly.

While most ladders provide four steps, the Confer Entry System offers a fifth, so the steps are closer together, and it’s much easier to enter and exit the pool. These adjustable steps can accommodate pools from 48-54 inches tall. In fact, these steps are compatible with taller pools using the special mounting instructions that are included.

Assembly couldn’t be more straightforward, thanks to a tool-free design where the different pieces snap together securely. Without hardware, these steps are still plenty sturdy, and they accommodate up to 400 pounds.

The crowning safety feature of this impressive entry system is a locking gate that closes and latches by itself. This ladder also includes a padlock to add a layer of security and to protect children from entering the pool unsupervised.

CONFER plastics inc. CCX-AG 4 Step Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder Stair Step Entry System with Handrails, Beige
  • Climb in and out of your above-ground swimming pool with these curved pool steps that are made to support up to 400 pounds
  • Features easy-to-climb, curved steps with a sloping handrail on each side to ensure ultimate safety
  • Built with adjustable base pads on the 4 steps to accommodate slightly-dished pool floors
  • Each step measures 10 inches deep, 27 inches wide, and 11 inches high to allow a full-foot stepping stone
  • Customize the entry system to best fit your pool by installing it inward or outward curving; Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 32 x 38 x 77 inches


  • All resin construction
  • Compatible with pools 48-54″ deep
  • 380-pound weight capacity
  • 10 x 27″ treads


  • Adjustable height
  • Compatible with pool decks
  • Locking gate
  • Tool-free assembly


  • Takes up a lot of space in the pool

JDM Auto Lights Swimming Pool Ladder

⭐ Best Non-Slip Ladder

For folks who have a pool deck, this in-pool ladder from JDM Auto Lights is a viable option. This heavy-duty ladder with large textured steps provides a stable and sturdy footing for entering and exiting your pool. Handrails on each side of the ladder offer even more stability.

This ladder snaps together for easy tool-free assembly and once assembled, it’s rated to hold over 400 pounds. The height is adjustable from 48-52 inches, allowing you to use these steps with a variety of different deck heights.

The sides of the ladder are slatted, which allows for optimal water movement behind the ladder, preventing algae from taking hold and ruining your beautiful pool.

JDM Auto Lights Swimming Pool Ladder Heavy Duty Step System Entry Non Slippery Above Ground
  • Brand new in box
  • 38" wide X 35" deep X 45" height to the top step
  • Simple snap together assembly with minimal parts, Sturdy construction holds over 400 lbs
  • Wide, flat steps with non-slip texture
  • Side openings allow for water circulation


  • Plastic construction
  • Compatible with pools 48-52″ deep
  • 400+ pound weight capacity
  • 38″ wide X 35″ deep X 45″ height to the top step


  • Sturdy design with comfortable handrails
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Wide and comfortable steps


  • Expensive
  • Not as durable as resin, vinyl, or metal ladders

Blue Wave NE1145 Premium Stainless Steel Reverse Bend In-Pool Ladder

⭐ Best In-Pool Ladder

A simple yet effective solution for getting into and out of your pool, this reverse bend ladder from Blue Wave is ideal for anyone with a pool deck. This ladder is one of the most practical options on my list, but it’s also perhaps the most durable and well-made.

This ladder boasts all stainless steel construction for years of rust-free use. An innovative pivoting bottom allows you to install this ladder in pools with a sloped bottom as well as flat bottoms. The total weight capacity is 300 pounds and the ladder can be mounted in pools 48-54 inches deep. Heavy-duty aluminum flanges are included for securely mounting the ladder to the deck.

One thing you’ll notice when using this ladder is that the angled design of the handrails makes it considerably easier to enter and exit the pool, so the NE1145 is an excellent choice if you or a family member has mobility issues.

The NE1149 maintains a low profile and only extends into your pool about one foot from the wall, allowing you to maximize the usable space in your pool. Blue Wave backs this ladder with a one-year warranty.

Blue Wave NE1145 Premium Stainless Steel In-Pool Ladder for Above Ground Pools
  • Reinforced stainless steel rails
  • Fits above ground pools up to 54 in. deep. 300-lb capacity
  • Deep, non-skid stainless steel treads
  • Pivot bottom to accommodate sloped pool bottoms
  • Extra wide 24 in. width for easy entry and exit


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with pools 48-54″ deep
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • 19 x 5″ treads


  • All stainless construction
  • Low-profile takes up less space in the pool
  • Ergonomic handrail for easy entrance and exit


  • Narrow treads

Vinyl Works Slide-Lock A-Frame Above Ground Pool Ladder

⭐ Best A-Frame Ladder

For pool owners with small children, this locking frame from Vinyl Works is a wise choice and can help you keep the little ones safe from pool injuries.

This ladder features all vinyl construction with stainless steel hardware to provide summer after summer of enjoyment. It’s compatible with pools 48-54 inches deep, and it has a 300-pound weight capacity.

The Slide-Lock ladder also provides several innovative safety features. When not in use, the steps of the ladder can be raised and locked in place to prevent unauthorized use. Vinyl Works also includes a barrier that prevents kids from swimming behind the ladder. The deck and steps both have an anti-slip surface to keep you on sure footing as you enter and exit the pool.

Other intuitive features include extended handrails, which make it easier to enter and exit the pool, as well as a pivoting base for mounting in pools with a flat or sloped bottom.

Vinyl Works SLA A-Frame 48-56 Inch Adjustable Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder Entry System with Slide Lock Barrier and Handrails, White
  • IN-POOL STEP LADDER: Step-in pool ladder with double handrails for easy, safe entry and exit into an above-ground pool. Designed and intended for use...
  • - GREAT STABILITY: 4 base treads and top platform tread for easy climbing and greater stability offering a 300-pound load capacity for one user at a...
  • - SLIDE-LOCK DESIGN: Slide-Lock design removes access to the ladder when pool isn't in use to prevent unwanted entry & injury. Padlock required for...
  • - SAFETY SIGNAGE: Permanent safety signage includes no diving, no jumping, do not swim through or behind ladder, and secure ladder when not in use


  • Vinyl construction with stainless-steel hardware
  • Compatible with pools 48-54″ deep
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • 25 x 3.5″ treads


  • Built to last
  • Intuitive safety features
  • Pivoting base
  • Extended handrails for easy climbing


  • Treads are narrow
  • Doesn’t include a lock

Recap: Best Above Ground Pool Ladders

Our Research Criteria

When it comes to selecting the right ladder, there are several features or specifications to look for that will indicate quality and value. These are the specific criteria I used to choose the best above ground pool ladders for you.

Material Quality

One crucial area to consider when evaluating different ladders is how well they’re built. You can find excellent options made from four main materials:

  • Metal
  • Resin
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic

Not all ladders are made equally, and variations in material quality can make the difference between a long-lasting ladder and one that must be replaced after a summer or two. Metal ladders are going to be hotter to the touch, so consider a ladder with some protective pads if you live in a warmer climate.

Safety and Security

Safety and security is another crucial factor to consider, especially if small children will be using the pool. Several of the ladders on my list have innovative features that allow you to lock the ladder to keep kids safe and to prevent unauthorized access to your pool.

The safest ladders have a locking function so that there’s no way to engage the ladder without a key or combination.


Even the best ladder on the market will be useless to you if it isn’t compatible with your pool. Most of the ladders on my list are adjustable, which allows you to use the ladder with a wider range of pools. Plus, if you ever upgrade to a larger pool, you may be able to adjust your ladder to accommodate your new pool.

We also have a couple of options that are only compatible with pools that have a deck around them. Make sure to check the ladder requirements against your setup before you make a purchase.

Easy to Use

The final characteristic to consider is how easy it is to use the ladder. This feature will be especially crucial for older individuals or anyone with mobility concerns. Many of the ladders on my list have features like ergonomically designed or extended handrails and wide treads, which makes it much easier to enter and exit the pool.

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