Plunge Pool Design Ideas

Plunge pools can be a great, relaxing addition to your backyard environment. They are small, but come in so many creative design concepts. Below are some of our favorites. Looking for more basic information about plunge pools? Check out our intro to plunge pools.

Cool Plunge Pool Designs

Plunge pools are usually built to fit with the aesthetic of your home and landscaping. They can be accessorized with features such as waterfalls or jets in order to create the desired image.

This frothing plunge pool with a waterfall fits perfectly into the background of a beachside or open landscape:

This plunge pool would go great with Spanish architecture:

This pool is very similar to a miniature of the classic backyard swimming pool, which makes it perfect for someone who likes that aesthetic but doesn’t have space:

If your pool landscaping is more Oriental or Asian in theme, this plunge pool with sharp, cool edges might be the perfect complement:

This plunge pool is located on an upper story. It makes the perfect addition to homes with only an upstairs deck or patio for outdoor access:

Additional Features for Your Plunge Pool

Plunge pools can be heated just like larger swimming pools. A heater can be used to take the chill off a pool that would otherwise be unbearably cold, or it can be used to warm the water temperature to something that is comfortable to lounge around in. Unless the pool is designed to be a spa as well, however, it will generally remain a cool body of water.

Some plunge pools have hot tubs attached to them to allow you to go back and forth from hot to cool water. This is a popular Asian practice that is used by athletes and supposedly improves mood. It is also possible to have jets installed in your plunge pool, either for the aesthetic value of a churning water surface or to act as massagers.

Waterfalls are popular attachments to plunge pools. Some are merely decorative, while others can be played in by children or sat under by adults. Most plunge pools are too small for other play equipment such as waterslides or fountains, but a few of the larger designs can accommodate these.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘spool’, there are plunge pools that do double-duty as spas. These pools can be maintained at normal swimming temperature some of the time and turned into hot tubs at other times. Many of these also feature strong jets for lap swimming, although not all of them do.

Plunge Pool Covers

Because plunge pools are usually such an important part of the aesthetic of a home or yard, it is equally important that the cover be attractive as well. Luckily, there are a number of inventive options out there for covering up your plunge pool when it is not in use:

This attractive rolling cover provides a wooden decking appearance when the pool is covered up:

This raised wooden deck is actually the automatic cover for a small plunge pool in the backyard:

This sleek, rolling safety cover is practical but still blends well into the colors of the yard:

This automatic cover slides into place and fits perfectly with the surrounding color scheme:

Just like covers for larger pools, covers for plunge pools come in a variety of types as well as appearances. Safety covers protect children and pets from accidentally falling into the water, and automatic covers offer a quick, push-button option for closing the pool when it is not needed. Covers for plunge pools serve much the same function as they do on larger pools: to keep out wildlife, dirt, debris, children, and pets. We can also make any cover lockable!

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Have Other Ideas?

Do you have other ideas for creative plunge pool designs? Let us know and we will add them! Make sure to scroll through our favorite ideas for other pool designs as well.

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