Types of Swimming Pool Water Features

Written by Michael Dean
August 31, 2023

swimming pool water feature

There are so many possibilities when it comes to swimming pool water features. Anything from the simplest fountain to the most elaborate waterfall can tie together your indoor or outdoor environment to the surrounding landscape and really make it feel like home.

Today, I will run through a bunch of options you have for water features and provide some inspiration that you can take to your pool builder. Ask for their suggestions as well!


Whether tile or natural stone (my personal preference), a waterfall can add ambiance and privacy to any pool.

Using natural stone is a great way to blend into the surrounding landscape. Here’s a pool I did where I placed a waterfall between the upper and lower pools of the structure.

Waterfalls can also be good accents at the edge of the pool near natural landscaping.


Fountains come in all shapes and sizes.

Here’s a simple fountain in the middle of a pool spa.

Photo credit: GardenLoversClub.com

And a more elaborate example in the middle of a garden. You can emulate this design in your swimming pool if you’d like.

Infinity Walls

Typically overlooking a great view, infinity edges are when the pool wall is the same height as the water level, with water flowing into a reservoir below. It creates the effect that the pool is never-ending.

The water over this infinity wall dives into a lower pool about 10 feet below. Overlooking a great view of the lake in Reynolds, Georgia.

This infinity edge is a bit more subtle and looks great from the yard to the left with a natural stone wall.

Bubblers in a Spa Pool

Also known as gushers, bubblers are mini-fountains placed in a very shallow part of the pool. They typically have underwater lights accompanying them, so they really shine at night.

bubbler in pool spa

Here’s a small pool I constructed with a bubbler in the middle, fitting the circular bullseye aesthetic.

pool with deck jets and bubblers

Here’s a backyard pool I built with bubblers in the lounging area and deck jets on each side of the pool. Speaking of deck jets…

Deck Jets Surrounding the Pool

Also known as laminars, deck jets are tiny fountains that sit at the edge of the pool and shoot a narrow, arching water stream over the pool.

freeform pool with fountain in spa

These deck jets I built for a customer come from the surrounding landscaping.

Spa Spillovers

Spillovers are very popular with pools with spas on a slightly elevated surface. The edge of the spa that faces the main pool is flush with the water level, creating a spillover effect.

Spillovers like this one from the spa to the main pool can be a great accent. This is a more contemporary design I did recently.

Here’s another spa spillover, this time with more natural stone landscaping.


A scupper is typically attached to a wall or pedestal at the edge and shoots a thin sheet of water into the pool.

A modern, more elegant take on scuppers using some poolside concrete pedestals. Created by Bianchi Designs out in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This scupper spans the entire deck area, creating a nice water wall into the pool. Thanks to Creative Environments for this photo.


A natural feature, ponds are often a great accent to backyards with a lot of natural landscaping.

Photo credit: outdoorhouseplan.com

Here is one of my favorite pond examples. This is a natural swimming pool in a terraced garden.

Other Ideas?

Any other ideas that I missed? Let me know! Be sure to check out all of my favorite pool design concepts as well.

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