Commercial Swimming Pool Reports For Pool Builders

I can compile a list of commercial swimming pools in any county across the United States with verified addresses and contact information.

These are great leads for pool builders who do replastering, resurfacing, and pool replacement work. Every inground pool should be resurfaced roughly every 10 years, and many commercial establishments are probably due for an update.

I sent direct mail to these types of leads for years when I ran my pool construction company, which resulted in millions of dollars worth of business. All it takes is some simple outreach.

Commercial pools are required to get regular health inspections, and those records are publicly available data stored by local government public health departments. The trouble is the data is hard to find and often messy (as is most government data), but I came up with a system to streamline that data access and compile it into easily readable reports for any pool builder.

What’s Included

My commercial pool reports (in spreadsheet format) include:

  • Name of the establishment with the pool
  • Physical address
  • Type of pool
  • Email address (if available)
  • Phone number (if available)


Each county report is $200. Depending on the county, each report could contain anywhere from 100 pools to over 1,000. However, even if it’s a small list, if you close one lead from it, the report more than pays for itself – by a lot.

How to Order

Email me at reports [a] with the county or list of counties that you want reports for. From there, we’ll settle payment and delivery date for all reports. One report typically takes me about a week to complete, depending on how responsive each county is to my data requests. I enrich the data in each report with email addresses and other valuable information about each commercial swimming pool.

Send me a note if you’re interested; talk soon!

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