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Written by Pool Research Team
January 6, 2024

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Pool slides may seem like child’s play, but adding a slide to your pool can turn a typical afternoon in the pool into a ton of fun for kids and adults alike. Regardless of the type of slide you’re in the market for, there are tons of solid options that will turn your backyard into a wild waterpark.

Today, I’ll take a closer look at some of the best pool slides on the market. These slides are available in various materials, colors, shapes, and styles, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your yard.

My Top Picks: Best Pool Slides

In my research, I found five slides that stood out from the rest of the competition. Below are the details of each of my recommendations.

WOW Sports Slide N Smile Water Slide

⭐ Best Inflatable Slide

Wow Sports Slide N Smile Slide with 2 Lanes

This is a great inflatable slide that can go on the edge of any pool.

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  • 9′ x 6′ x 4.2′ tall
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction
  • 550-pound weight capacity
  • Stainless steel hardware


  • Affordable
  • Built to last
  • It can be used as a slide or in open water


  • It doesn’t have sprayers

The Slide N Smile from World of Watersports is the perfect option for anyone looking to crank up the fun on their water activities without wasting much money. Plus, you can enjoy this slide poolside, or in open water as well.

This rugged inflatable is made from heavy-duty PVC with reinforced seams for added durability. Once inflated, the slide measures 108 inches long by 84 inches wide and 50 inches tall, which is wide enough for two riders. At 550 pounds, the weight capacity is generous enough to handle two large adults.

World of Watersports also makes several add-ons that zip together with this slide, so you can create your own slip-and-slide obstacle course in the yard. Of course, the fun doesn’t have to stop at the pool, either.

The Slide N Smile is just as much fun in a lake or pond as it is at the pool. You can let the slide float freely or anchor it to the dock using the stainless steel grommets on either side of this inflatable. Those same grommets can be used to stake the slide to the ground when you’re on land to provide additional stability.

It would have been nice to see some additional features, like sprayers along the side rails or at the top of the slide. But, for the price, it’s hard to argue against this entertaining and multi-functional water slide.

S.R. Smith Rogue2 Pool Slide

⭐ Best Tall Slide

S.R. Smith Rogue2 Pool Slide

It's a bit more expensive, but this slide is super durable and a lot of fun for kids.

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  • 8′ tall (6’6″ to seat)
  • 9’3″ flume
  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • Available in left or right-hand curves
  • Rotomolded construction


  • Built to last
  • 30 GPM water delivery system
  • Compatible with all inground pools


  • It doesn’t include deck mounting hardware

S.R. Smith is one of the most trusted names in the business, and their Rogue2 slide is ideal for anyone looking for a tall pool slide that kids and adults alike can enjoy.

This fully rotomolded slide is available in four colors and left or right-hand curves. It stands an impressive eight feet tall with a flume length of over nine feet. The Rogue2 is easy to climb thanks to the extended handrails, and it meets US Consumer Safety poolside standards. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, most adults can enjoy this slide as well.

The crowning feature of this water slide is the new and improved water delivery system, which delivers an impressive 30 GPM. Water can be plumbed through the pool’s return line or attached to a garden hose.

The Rogue2 can be surface mounted or attached to the pool deck, but flanges for deck mounting have to be purchased separately.

S.R. Smith’s new water delivery system makes this slide one of the most fun around, and I love the vintage styling of this model. But, it would be nice if deck mounting hardware were included.

Intex Water Slide Inflatable Play Center

⭐ Most Affordable Slide

Intex Kool Splash Durable Inflatable Play Center

While not super durable, this Intex slide is very affordable and really easy to set up for some summer fun.

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  • 10’11” long by 6’9″ wide and 3’10” tall
  • 20-gauge vinyl construction
  • 176-pound weight capacity


  • Affordable
  • More stable than most inflatables
  • Has a water delivery system


  • Not very durable

If you’re in the market for an affordable slide to keep the kids entertained all summer long, the Intex Kool Splash is an ideal choice for you. This play center includes some intuitive features that make this slide well worth the paltry price tag.

This slide is made from durable 20-gauge vinyl, and it has a weight capacity of 176 pounds. Once inflated, this slide measures just shy of 10’11” long by 6’9″ wide and 3’10” tall. Instead of having one large air chamber, this inflatable has five, which makes it more stable than most inflatable slides on the market.

The back of the slide has footholds and handles on either side to make it easy for kids to climb up, and there are also handles on either slide, so it’s easier to transport. Since this slide is portable, it’s just as well suited for fun on the lake as it is for fun in the pool.

The most impressive feature of this affordable slide is the built-in sprayers, which allow you to dramatically up the fun factor of this slide; all you’ll need is a garden hose to turn the backyard into your personal waterpark.

Below the slide, an inflatable chamber adds additional stability, while a second section of the slide ensures that kids land in the water safely away from the pool deck, which adds a layer of safety to the slide.

If there’s anything to complain about, it’s the lack of durability. While this slide is constructed from heavy-duty vinyl, the seams aren’t especially heavy-duty, and it’s hard to imagine this slide lasting for longer than a few summers.

S.R. Smith SlideAway

⭐ Best Removable Slide

S.R. Smith SlideAway Removable In-Ground Pool Slide

This S.R. Smith slide can be stowed away when your kids aren't using it, plus it's easy to move and set up.

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I may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at zero additional cost to you. This in no way impacts my research process or opinions.


  • 4 feet tall
  • 5-foot flume
  • 125-pound weight capacity
  • UV-resistant rotomolded construction


  • Fully portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Includes dolly


  • Low weight capacity

The SlideAway from S.R. Smith is ideal for any pool owner who wants the option to remove the slide when it isn’t being used. While inflatables are always an option, they don’t quite capture the waterpark experience quite like a permanent slide does. Thankfully, the SlideAway provides fun and excitement, and when you’re done, it can easily be stored away.

The SlideAway is the first CPSC-compliant removable slide, and it’s passed 48 different tests for consumer safety. This slide is fully rotomolded, and UV-inhibitors are built into the slide to prevent fading, so this slide will look great in your yard for years to come.

This four-foot-tall slide has a flume length of about five feet, and a weight capacity of 125 pounds, so it will provide little ones with plenty of poolside excitement. Plus, you can hook the slide up to a garden hose to dial up the fun even higher.

SlideAway’s design is intuitive and allows you to easily roll the slide away for storage when it isn’t in use. The slide includes its own custom dolly, which makes moving the slide back and forth a breeze.

Setting the slide up for use is a breeze, as well. When it’s time for fun, just move it into place, add the brace, fill the base to the waterline, attach the hose to the water delivery system, and enjoy!

S.R.Smith heliX2

⭐ Best Corkscrew Slide

S.R. Smith Helix2 Pool Slide

This might be the ultimate aftermarket pool slide - a corkscrew! It has a good weight capacity, but does come at a price.

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I may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at zero additional cost to you. This in no way impacts my research process or opinions.


  • 7’4″ tall
  • 12’8″ flume length
  • 250-lb weight capacity
  • Rotomolded construction
  • Available in four colors


  • One of the most exciting slides available
  • High-end look
  • Perfect for kids and adults


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t deliver as much water as some of S.R. Smith’s cheaper slides

So far, we’ve covered some amazing slides that can help you bring big-time fun to your pool. But, if you still have an appetite for more excitement, the HeliX2 from S.R. Smith could be the perfect slide for you.

This exciting slide features a full 360-degree corkscrew and a massive 12’8″ flume length. The HeliX2 stands over 7-feet tall, and it has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, so it’s ideal for kids and most adults, as well.

This rotomolded slide has integrated handrails, and a non-slip ladder, which makes climbing the slide a breeze, and the wide flume ensures that all riders reach the water safely at the end of their adventure. S.R. Smith makes this slide in four color configurations to suit the style of almost everyone.

The HeliX2 also makes use of S.R. Smith’s patented water delivery system, which can be plumbed into the pool’s return line or hooked up to a garden hose for a maximum delivery of 20 GPM.

Recap: The Best Pool Water Slides

My Research Criteria

When it comes to researching slides, I use several important criteria to evaluate whether or not a product deserves the title of one of the best pool slides. Here are the specific factors I look at when evaluating different pool slides.

Water Features

If you’ve ever used a water slide without a water feature, there’s a good chance you didn’t have much fun. Without water, there’s nothing to cool down the slide on a hot day, and there’s also tons of extra friction, which slows you down and limits the fun you’re having.

The best slides all offer a water feature, and some of them even allow you to hook the water feature up to your pool’s return line. While that isn’t always possible, almost all the best pool slides allow you to hook up a garden hose to power the water feature.

When shopping for a slide, look for one that provides 10 GPM or more to ensure you’ll have the most fun possible.


Depending on your budget, you’ll find slides made from a variety of materials. Whether you’re shopping for an inflatable or a permanent water slide, you’ll want to find a model made from the highest quality materials possible. Quality materials help ensure you’ll get many summers of enjoyment from your new slide.

For inflatable slides, look for models made from heavy-duty vinyl or PVC. For traditional slides, you’ll want to go with a rotomolded model, as these slides provide the best sliding surface and the most durability.


Everyone has heard a tragic story of a pool accident before. While there will always be a slight degree of danger associated with water activities, there are plenty of things that people and equipment manufacturers can do to minimize the risk of injury.

Our top picks for the best pool slides all include integrated safety features like extended handrails, non-slip ladders or stairs, and more. You’ll want to select a slide that’s fun as well as safe, especially if the slide is for children.

Ease of Installation

The purpose of buying a pool slide is to have fun, but there’s nothing fun about a long and painful installation process. The slides on my list arrive partially or fully assembled, and don’t require tons of time or skill to put together.


Depending on the size of your yard, space may be a major concern for you. The best slides offer designs that provide as much fun in the least space as possible. Many of the slides on this list maintain a small footprint, allowing you to make the most of the space in your yard.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Participation in these programs helps me keep the lights on at and in no way impacts my research process or editorial opinions.

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