Michael Dean

Michael has over 25 years of experience in the swimming pool industry. He has built pools and natural landscapes for hundreds of homes and businesses across the country. He also holds multiple patents for pool performance products he has engineered over the years.

Salt Water Swimming Pool Basics

A saltwater pool could be a great alternative to traditional chlorine pools. There are quite a few differences in the mechanics of the two. This article will discuss the pros and cons, annual costs, design considerations, maintenance of a saltwater pool, and more. Let’s get to it! What is a Salt Water Pool? A saltwater …

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Swimming Pool Chemistry 101

There’s nothing better than heading outside on a hot day to take a dip in the pool. But, being a pool owner comes a lot of responsibility to understand how to maintain your pool to keep it safe for swimming. That’s where knowledge of pool chemistry comes into play. From the chemicals that go into …

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How to Winterize Your Swimming Pool

Winterizing your pool is an inevitable process for most pool owners. Not only will it protect your pool over the cold winter months, but it will also prolong the life span of the pool in general. If you have an indoor pool with a temperature-controlled environment or live in a temperate region that doesn’t get …

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Guide to Swimming Pool Water Quality Standards: Public and Residential

Pools are a lot of fun and a great way to exercise in the heat. However, standing bodies of water tend to attract bacteria, insects, and other undesirable contaminants. Water quality standards protect the users of pools in both public and private settings. Who Makes Water Quality Standards? Internationally, the World Health Organization (WHO) publishes …

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The Best Swimming Pool Filters

Enjoying a pool through summer (and other seasons) requires a bit of preparation. After a day or two, your pool can become cloudy, dirt can settle on the bottom, and algae can even begin to grow. But how can you find the best pool filter for your needs? We have the answers here. The Best …

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The Best Swimming Pool Heaters

Swimming in a cold pool is no fun, especially in the colder months. So, if you want to get the most out of your pool, you need a pool heater. Here we’ll look at the best pool heaters available—and how to find the right one for your needs. Best Pool Heaters in Every Category Here …

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Budget-Friendly Pool Renovation Ideas

Does your swimming pool feel a little stale to you? Perhaps you bought a house that already came with an inground pool or you built it years ago and your tastes have changed. Whatever the reason, a total pool overhaul might not be financially practical. Thankfully, there are several smaller pool renovation ideas and upgrades …

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